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The offical newsagency has started with preet kaur in charge of the agency.

The Consition of India
Article 1. All citizens have the rights of
1 free speech
2. inconnect till guilty
3. vote and hold office
Article 2. Pressident
1. The president is supreme ruler of the military and is elected for a term of 4 years and may run for 2 tiems
2. at each time the president must have at least one person from each other party in his cabinet
3. The president may be removed by a 65 percent vote of congress
4. The president has the right to add and remove cabinet members and cabinet jobs
Article 3. Congress
There shall be 5 congress members from each state at all times
Congress shall have the power to submit acts and veto or aprove acts by the president
Congress shall be elected for a 3 year term and may run 3 times
Article 4. States
1. For a new area to become a state it must have at least 50 residents
2. it must have a election ready
3. The residents must be citizens of Khalistan
4. Congress has the right to veto or aprove states
5. Each state shall have a high court
Article 5 Governer
1. The governer is incharge of all matters in his state
2. The governer is the high court judge for his state
3. The governer can run 2 times and serve for a period of 6 terms
Article 6 Supreme court
the supreme court shall be lead a judge, and 2 justices appointed by the pres.
the supreme court is the highest court in the land
Article 7. Amednmants
Any congressmember may propose an amedmant but 90 percent of congress must agree for it to pass
Article 8. Union Territory
1. The president must at anytime make a conquered land or important city a union territory
2. The place will have a Chief Minister in charge that is appointed by the president
3. The territories do not have the right to secede from the union
4. All natives of the territory have the rights of ordinary citizens

The first president of the union shall be Rajveer Singh Batuia
The governer of the state of Punjab shall be Dipiuk Singh Thind
The governer of the state of Haryana shall be Pandit Ram Ji

The Capital of Khalistan will be the former union territory of New Delhi . The capital of Punjab will be Chandigarh and the capital of Haryana will be Faridabad

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[u][i][b] Court Case[/b][/i][/u]
[u][i][b]Presisdent Batuia against Co-Gianis[/b][/i][/u]

Batuita Defense laywer prince singh please take the stand says Supreme court judge panjy singh
Prince singh says my client would like to sue the former government for ruining relations with other nations and attacking a nation because they knew they would lose there jobs

Ginia lawyer Tej Singh take the stand
My clients were doing it because they did not thing batuita would be able to run the nation securly

Batuita lawyer
What gave them the idea to attack and ruin our relations and not just talk to him

Giani lawyer
they do not trust him and thought he would not listen to them

[u][i][b]CASE CLOSED[/b][/i][/u]

After 5 hours the supreme court justices and judge have decided to hold The Gianis Guilty

[b][i][u]Brief Interview with the president[/u][/i][/b]
Reporter Rajdev singh: how do you feel about winning the case?
President: Very happy
Reporter: What do you plan to do for the nation Forgein Affairs wise?
President: I plan to fix our relations with other nations and gain more allies and fix the mess the Gianis Started
Reporter: What do you plan to do for the nation Internally ?
President: I plan to get the ministries up and working, get some resource treaties, and amend the constition
Reporter: Don't you thing thats to much?
President: With the help of Whyguru anything is possible
Reporter: Thank you for your time
President: Your welcome

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[u][i][b]Immediate News[/b][/i][/u]
The president has sent 400 personal to the southern borders of khalistan fearing an attack from the nation of West India and allies

[u][i][b]Immediate News[/b][/i][/u]
The president has issued a surrender document to all nations involved in the conflict of the Tangier Union

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