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The Attack


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[quote name='ishabad' timestamp='1324941350' post='2886806']
Not blanat we have a plan for this land that can not be disclosed at the moment?

Khalistan, for its size has no reason to expand into Africa, you are a landlocked nation, think of your close borders before trying to create an upstart empire.

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Okay but we will not stop we will withdraw 400 troops at the moment if you want to kill 100 troops its cool with use because you could use those your troops later at a more important battle. Thank you for your support.

Private to leader of New Panama
They have not reached africa yet

OOC: To timmy sorry dont know ur leaders name and also how do u have two nations?

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[quote name='ishabad' timestamp='1324941892' post='2886816']
Sir only 400 will turn back the rest will stay and march forward
Then they will all die. This is your last chance. Refuse us again, and we will kill every single one of them. We will not allow you to be a destabilizing force.

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[b]Unknown to the public[/b]

"Oh my..." Lieselotte jiggled. "These Khalistanis really are doing it. But let us watch them proceed. Maybe Vicidalia can use these actions to satisfy some of it's own imperialism.". She looked at the map and tipped with her finger against the part marked 'Khalistan'.

"You really are pushing it now, don't you think, my dear sister?"

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