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The End ?


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Well, it's about that time.

I think I've actively played this game for a better part of about 4 years or so. Bounced around all over and met quite a bit of people.
Most of them gave me cause for concern for humanity, but there were a few that I enjoyed. Served in just about every level of "government," you can.

I've done all about there is to do in this game and it occurred to me sometime last week how mind-numbing it was that I'd alter my sleep-pattern so that I'd stay up for "update."
Health issues have propped up that involves a trip to the Cleveland Clinic up north (Not cancer, as of now,) and health issues with the family sorta hit hard all of a sudden.
In addition to that, I'm just not having fun anymore I guess. There used to be some fun in speculating the happenings of the planet but that evaporated about a couple years ago. I had fun playing my part and contemplated sticking around to play a new role or an extension of what I had in previous time, but, with all the fun of having a j'aaab and taking a full-courseload of classes for my M.B.A. the time to be active to my standards simply isn't there. Or my willingness, I guess.

I'd like to thank the heroes and villains alike. Each have made the game more-than enjoyable for me, and some might even fit into both of those categories. The game needs more of both, and re-hashing previous characters is too stale.

For friends and allies who I've had the pleasure of serving for, you know I've all the best for ya', and I truly do wish those who have/will betray you in the future a dose of their own medicine. I've played the game my way all-the-way through, and while many will have claimed to have been rubbed the wrong way, I doubt very few can say that I didn't evoke a reaction at one point or another. Wherever I've gone, and in many embassies I've made an effort to engage others and interest them in the game, and I don't think I failed.

Fully intending on letting the nation delete, and haven't even logged in despite all the reason to in the past couple days.
I'll still be round' irc until that happens occasionally, but for those who'd like send me a message and I'll get ya' my Skype.

Love, or Love to Hate, its been fun'

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[quote name='Stonewall Jaxon' timestamp='1324925286' post='2886677']
You're too active to go. Not to sound condescending, but I don't believe you'll stay gone for long. At least I hope you won't.

But in case you don't come back, cheers my friend
From being around here a while, I've noticed that the people who truly stay away are the ones who fade away. No cold turkey in CN. Just ask a Ryan Greenberg or someone about that.

Myth, we never got a chance to talk but you seem all right. Best wishes with the health issues and the education, and hope your holidays are going well. Hope you keep a nation even if you go inactive for a while.

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Well, you were quite controversial in MHA for the latter half of your time within the alliance, for good or bad. I won't go in that direction due to feeling it simply is not right to do in a separation announcement. I do wish you the best and hope that someday you do return, even though likely by that point, I myself will be gone. Hint.

As it is, you have been a good friend that I met in another game elsewhere and got to know here. Thanks for everything. :)

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Very sad to see this. I have enjoyed watching your growth in the game and in personality. In RL, I feel you'll do alright, in CN, I will miss your character and shenanigans.

Good luck to you and I wish you and your family good health and quick recovery. You'll always have your friends, enemies, and frenemies waiting for your return to CN someday.

take care,


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I am very sad to see this myth. Knowing you since I joined MHA back in'09.. We have had many adventures together. I wish you the best my friend. Hope your recovery is fast and swift my friend, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, and hopefully one day you shall return.

Best Regards,

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