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A CN Radio Announcement


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Tonight is Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas. Come join us in #CN-Radio on Coldfront for a lovely Christmas/Holiday celebration.

If you cannot get on IRC, here is how to tune in:
Open a media player of your choice
Click File
Open URL
Enter http://lueradio.kyrosiris.com:8004 into the box
Click OK
You should be tuned in

Got a request? Request from [url=http://thecastlehall.no-ip.org/bros.html]this list[/url]

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[quote name='Cerridwyn' timestamp='1324779017' post='2885946']
Interesting selection, you need holiday tunes such as Very Scary Solstice or Dr. Demento's Christmas favorites.

Too bad I don't have working sound, next computer.

Don't have a cell phone or anything? :P

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