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The Aeon of Strife OOC

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For those of you that have followed my RP over the last few months, or rather, right after Ty nuked my Capital (thank you Ty!) - you'd have noticed that while I RP the Principality of Aeon, a pseudo-religious, highly dogmatic society built around a Royal House and its sovereign the Princess, I also have traces of my old nation, Nod, still working in the backdrop of various posts and threads.

A thread I will be singularly devoting my RP time to, called the 'Aeon of Strife' will be what I hope will be an interactive civil war open to all RPers, between the Nodic and Aeon factions within my CNRP nation - down to earth, grounded, and gritty pseudo-character-war RP.

I originally planned on having this be an 'only-me' affair, but have decided to try a little social experiment within this storyline thread. Nod and the Principality will have a massive war within my own borders, using my own troops taken out of (a so far) unmodified representation of my IC military strength. I will allow RPers to create commanding characters that would fall under the Nodic or Aeon side, and give them a portion of my forces for them to command. We, or just me, will battle for control of my territory. In the end, the side that wins, Nod or the Principality, will be the side i choose to RP as from now on. My RPing fate is in your hands, but of course, conditions apply-

The thread, when I make it, will be completely under my control at all times.

Its canonity can be switched on or off at my whim.

Should someone eventually fall behind with their characters or forces (more on that later) I will pick up their slack and rp in their stead.

Each scenario in this thread will be given a general premise dictated by me, with the rpers involved determining the outcome (a Nodic or Aeon victory). This outcome may be applied in full or in part to the thread in general, again determined by moi.

Each RPer can use any weapons and units from my inventory, so long as they would fall under their command, or any other RL systems should I not have an equivalent or the system in question is mundane enough for me to have ignored (ie: I havent RPed shotguns, but its common sense my nation would use them).

Should one side become more popular, I will RP on that side to fill in the strength difference. Should no one join, I will merely continue the thread at my pace, and allow any late comers to join.

This thing ain't happening just yet, just creating this thread as a way to gauge interest (as I said, im doing this whether 1, 5, 10 or no people join) and put all my thoughts in one place. Should ya'll have any questions, pm or contact me on IRC. Don't really want posts in this thread just yet.

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