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Congratulations to our newest GM


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I have decided to forego nominations this time as the previous round occured quite recently, and that running a nomination period over this season would be a long and tedious affair. Additionally there was a very clear winner previously, who received such a bulk of nominations that although these are not elections it would almost be enough in and of itself. If not for his regular week-long obligations that kept him without Internet access he likely would have been GM then. I believe this man is capable of making fair and independent choices for the betterment of CNRP.

The next [s]sucker[/s] individual who [s]was shanghaied[/s] has agreed to [s]deal with your petty issues and whining[/s] become a most respected GM is none other than [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showuser=32829"]TheShammySocialist[/url].
Congratulations and condolences.

Oh and whilst I'm making announcements, here are the first two changes being made as a result of the previous discussions and such.

GMs at war:
*In cases where GMs are in conflict with each other, or are otherwise compromised, GMs may now elect amongst themselves with a unanimous vote a temporary neutral fourth GM who's sole responsibility will be arbitrating that particular dispute.

Forced wars.
*In order to engage in a forced war, you must be able to provide proof of having made at least two reasonable attempts to contact the other parties and to come to some arrangement for a planned war. It is suggested, but not required that a planned war include an agreed outline for maximum losses for each side. A predefined outcome is not required and may be used as desired.

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Thank you HK47, for your appointment, and the community members who felt that I deserve this position when they nominated me in the last election.

As with any GM, please don't hesitate to PM me or query me on IRC, I'll try to get back to you in a timely manner with any comments, questions, concerns, et cetera, we're here for [i]you[/i].

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[quote name='Sal Paradise' timestamp='1325803939' post='2893540']
Make sure you don't alienate your friends, Shammy, or else you won't be able to get away with god-moding. Of course, seeing as Shammy seems to keep one ally across rerolls, I think you're pretty solid.

Sal is it that special week of the month again?

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