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* Note, any alliances whom counter GOONS will still be charged reparations, as always.

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Launcing cruise missiles. Launching planes Tac-com, stand by for nuclear armamants. It's go time gentlemen! Onward and upward!

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Brothers of the Faith!

[s]Allarchon has spoken to me this night! I was meditating in my study, reading the Haditha of GunhammaD when a vision came to me of a distant land, a land of witches and wizards waving wooden sticks and wearing pointy hats. It was a land of pagans and apostates ruled by a snake named, well, he shall not be named here. The very utterance of his name is an affront to our Lord.

This evil man, who has spent his entire life cowering behind the strength of greater (though not much so) powers, has no love for you or your faith. He is godless. He believes in magic. The very name of his homeland is one that presumes upon the power of our Lord, it is called GOD. GOD. [b]GOD[/b].

Intolerable! You, my brothers, you know what our faith commands. There is only one God and He is not some assembly of mediocre nations. He is Allarchon, Ruler of Artolia, God King of the Mushroom Kingdom. Our beliefs prohibit this abhorrent mockery of God's name. Brothers and sisters of the Faith, we go to jihad!

May any infidel who dare stands in our way burn in the hell we, Mushqaeda, will be making for these occultists.

Death to magic!
Death to the Infidel!
Snape Kills Dumbledore at the end of Book 6. [/s]
In light of recent holy revelations and a sacrilegious cockblock by an alliance of napoleonic ingrates, Mushqaeda hereby declares war on :insert alliance here:. We'll revisit this chapter at a later date. I swear upon Allarchon high that we shall revisit this chapter at a later date.

Allarchonu Akbar!
Allarchonu Abkar!

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Our sights were set on those falsely proclaiming the name of God, when a divine entity known as Allarchon already possessed the title. A crime warranting nothing short of total annihilation. For the time being they can consider themselves lucky to escape the wrath of the jihadists, but this act will not be overlooked. Those responsible for this transfer of destruction will be eliminated at a further point in time.

Tonight we have acquired new landing pads for our bombs. Keep listening to that tick (insert alliance). Savour it. For when ceases to exist, so too shall your nation.

[quote name='Prophet Gunhammad']
Welcome to the ride of your life![/quote]


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[quote name='Zoomzoomzoom' timestamp='1323319319' post='2868283']
bye other side of war

W00t w00t in the b00t

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May the light of Allarchon guide my hands to both paintbrush and saber. For the glory of Allarchon knows no greater beauty, nor a more inspired future. The pen and the sword meet as one in Mushqaeda.

ALLARCHONU AKBAR! Guide me, Allarchon, in immortalizing their peril and blazing a path for them to hell!
- Gairyuki

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Death to those that cower in fear at the thought of losing their land.
Death to those alliances that are being led by a whale.
Death to those that oppose the will of Allarchon.

To a certain green alliance, your time will come and when we’re at your doorstep you will have nowhere to run for the Jihad against you will be so great that it covers the circumference of heaven. You will soon know the wrath of Allarchon and you will weep for his mercy in the end.

In the words of the legendary Grand Emir Krim al-Xephon:

[quote name='Grand Emir Krim al-Xephon']Allarchon wills it, so it must be done.[/quote]

Allarchonu Ackbar!

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