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We are looking for new members to build us up. We currently have very many important positions open that range from a secretary of defense, to a member of our general assembly. The alliance is young, but experience runs deep and we have helpful and easy to understand guides to help you out. If you want to join, sign up here:

[quote]Charter of Magno Audacique Societam Succedit (M.A.S.S).

We, the undersigned nations, agree to defend independence, and justice while maintaining order in our alliance. We shall abide by this charter and swear by it as law.

Article I: Admission

Any nation formally applying for Magno Audacique Societam Succedit (M.A.S.S) will be admitted provided that nation swears by the M.A.S.S Oath, changes their alliance affiliation to the proper alliance name, registers and submit a new member application, and is inspected by the President or Secretary of Internal Affairs for admission.

The Oath shall consist of the following:

I, [Ruler], of [Nation], do hereby swear to defend my fellow alliance members. I shall come to the aid of my alliance and her allies when I am needed and shall expect the same in return. I swear to abide by the Charter of M.A.S.S and take it as law.

*Upon admission to M.A.S.S, no member nation may join any other alliance in Cyber Nations.

Article II: Hierarchy


The Ruler is allowed to declare war on other alliances, yet he must inform the rest of the government before informing the other alliance. He/She rules for 3 months and can also:
Appoint Various Officials
The President has the authority to appoint federal court judges, ambassadors, cabinet members, other key policymakers, and many lesser officials.
Offer Treaties
The President can offer treaties with foreign alliances and choose what type it is.

Vice Ruler (VR)

The Vice-Ruler shall be appointed by the incumbent Ruler and is responsible for the affairs of the alliance in the absence of the President.
The VR's most important duty is to take over the Presidency in the event of disability or resignation. The Vice-Ruler may only make decisions with majority approval of the General Assembly.
The Vice-Ruler shall serve for 3 months with good behavior and work ethic.

Secretary of State (SoS)

The SoS shall head all matters including the organization of treaties and hosting of foreign diplomats and serves the President. Whilst the SoS may draft and discuss treaties, the President's approval must be aquired prior to finalizing any treaty. He / She shall be appointed by the Ruler and serve a term of 3 months.

Secretary of Defense (SoD)

The SoD shall head all matters of Defense including that of technology raids and war organization. The SoD has the power to authorize technology raids in all circumstances. He / She shall be appointed by the President. He/She shall serve for 3 months and be elected by the Ruler.

Secretary of Internal Affairs (SoIA)

The SoIA controls the Internal Affairs of the alliance. The SoIA shall be appointed by the President and shall serve for 3 months. The SoIA also is one of the people in charge of court. His workers are police officers, and they find people who have broken the law and post their case in court. The SoIA Department shall also approve/reject new membership applications.

Secretary of the Treasury (SoT)

The SoT shall control all matters with regards to the financial and economical well being of the alliance. This shall include the organization of aid and trade both within the alliance and through external partners. He / She shall be appointed by the Ruler and shall serve for 3 months. His followers are bankers who give/receive aid and monitor transactions.

General Assembly (GA)

The GA members are to vote on laws and actions submitted by a head of a department. They ensure that the people have a voice in government.

The Court shall be comprised of 3 Justices, one being reserved as Chief Justice. Justices shall weigh the constitutionality of controversial laws and regulations.

Article III: Technology Raiding

Members of M.A.S.S are permitted to raid non-aligned or unprotected nations for technological gain under heavy restrictions. The restrictions set forth are that the nation must be on the alliance "None" or on an unprotected Alliance Affiliation at 5 members or less. The raiding nation must also seek permission from a governing entity. Failure to abide by these rules will result in membership termination or a trial by the General Assembly.

Article IV: Exiting the Alliance

All nations reserve the right to leave M.A.S.S at any given moment in time. Should any member wish to leave, they are required to inform the Ruler prior to a change of Alliance Affiliation. Failure to do so may result in attacks on the nation for roguery.
Should any member leave on their own accord, they may return at any given time.

Any member who is expelled from the alliance by the Ruler may not return to the alliance for a minimum of two months. After that time an application may be made on the M.A.S.S forums, however no admission shall be made without the authorization of the President.

Article V: Military Heirarchy

The highest member of the military at any given point is the President, under him/her, the SoD. The SoD will assign all other nations to their rank. Directly below the SoD are the Siduses, there are 3 Siduses and 7 Aters under the command of each Sidus. The 7 Aters in one group control one squad of Rubers, the alliance's general infantry.

Article VI: Changes to the Charter

At the discretion of the government this charter is subject to change. Any changes to the charter must be met by a majority vote within the General Assembly. If General Assembly is inoperative or is on break or recess, charter must be met by a majority vote within the Government.

Article VII: Voting

Voting occurs every 3 months in the voting thread on the alliance forum, they candidate with the most votes wins the position. Candidates are expected to post in the thread that they are running in the voting thread 3 weeks prior to voting to be allowed to be voted on.

Article VIII: Embassy

Embassies are for other alliances to come talk to us and such. We will never turn down an embassy but we will not always be very nice in them.

Article VIIII: Ratification

I, as the original, founding, & appointed Ruler of M.A.S.S, do hereby ratify this charter:

EarlOfSandon, Ruler[/quote]

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