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Diplomatic Invitation to Guyana

Padraig Rua

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[b]To: Laura Leclerc, Speaker of the Republic
From: Ambassador Ollanta Humala[/b]

[b]Mrs Leclerc[/b],

I've been instructed by the Provisional Government of Peru to invite you, or a fellow representative of yours, to a diplomatic meeting in the Peruvian capital of Lima.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss matters of interest between our two states. The Provisional Government would also like to take this opportunity to begin a friendly relationship between our two nations. One which will carry on throughout the ages.

I look forward to your response.

Yours Sincerely,

[b]Ambassador Ollanta Humala[/b]

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[i]To: Ambassador Ollanta Humala
From: Laura Leclerc, Speaker of the Republic[/i]

"Dear Ambassador,

I would gladly come visit you in Lima concerning our future relationship. Just say the date and time, and I shall be there.

With regards,

Laura Leclerc
[i]Speaker of the Republic[/i]

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The next day, a private airliner would approach Lima's reconstructed airport, escorted by a single fighter.
On board was Laura Leclerc, and the airport be notified of these circumstances.

After the subsequent landing, She disembarked the plane, looking for a limousine that might bring her to the meeting.

OOC: Skip to meeting if you like.

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The Ambassador patiently awaited Laura Leclerc's arrival at his office in the Palacio Legislativo. From his office the Ambassador could see the representative's limousine arrive. After a few minutes he could hear the sound of footsteps approaching from the direction of his office door. Ollanta prepared himself. He sat down on a armchair placed comfortably beside the fireplace in the corner of his office. A second armchair had been placed beside his for Mrs Leclerc. A table was centered between the two chairs, with two fine glasses upon it.

The office door opened behind Ollanta, he quickly stood up and turned around. Mrs Leclerc entered into the office behind Mr Ollanta's personal secretary. Mr Ollanta then approached Mrs Leclerc and shook her hand, saying: [i]' Welcome, welcome Mrs Leclerc! Its lovely to have you here. Please sit down.'[/i] Ollanta gestured to the armchair beside the fire [i]' What would you like to drink?'.[/i]

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Laura shook Ollanta's hand with an experienced smile, sitting down after asked to do so. "Thank you very much, Ambassador. I'm happy to be here."
After making herself comfortable, she responded to the question about drinks, "Just water, or some juice, please. Alcohol doesn't often agree with me."

"Now, if you do not mind, I would like to skip some of the pleasantries and ask what exactly you might have in mind to strengthen the friendship between our two nations."

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After Mrs Leclerc sat down, Ambassador Ollanta took the two fine glasses placed upon the table centered between the armchairs. He approached the liquor cabinet, taking out a bottle of whiskey for himself and a bottle of water for Mrs Leclarc, and filled both glasses individually. He returned to his armchair and handed the glass of water to Mrs Leclarc. He took a small sip of whiskey before speaking again.

[i]' Well Mrs Leclarc, I propose to you a free trade agreement and co-operation on various financial matters between our two nations. Perhaps our governments could agree to jointly invest in green energy and the protection of the Amazon rain forest and basin. Of course we must also protect other environmental regions of our continent. We don't want our lands ruined by human expansion in the present and future.'[/i]

Ollanta paused and took another sip of his whiskey, he continued: [i]'I also would like to propose an allaince. The purpose of this alliance is to simply assure that if either nation is attacked, we could help each other out. Unless of course if one of our governments decide to invade another state.'[/i]

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Leclerc thought on Ambassador Humala's words for a few moment, taking a sip of her water in the process.
"Mhm, I see..." She nodded. "A trade agreement could be included in a treaty of mutual defense... Regarding 'green' energy, Guyana is largely relying on thorium fission and laser-induced fusion power, both of which are among the cleanest sources of energy to be found. We'd be willing to help you out with the construction of thorium plants." Another nod.
"You wouldn't happen to have such a treaty prepared?"

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[i]'But of course I do.'[/i] replied Ollanta as he presented a sheet of paper, with a hardcover surrounding it, to Mrs Leclarc. [i]'I'm also quite interested in your thorium fission plants. Perhaps in the future we shall request your aid in creating such power plants.'[/i]

[center][size="5"]Treaty of Lima[/size][/center]

In the spirit of mutual friendship and economic development, the Republic of Peru and the Republic of Guyana do hereby enter into the following agreement:

[b]Article I: Sovereignty[/b]

Both signatory nations agree to respect the sovereign territory, waters and laws of the other. Furthermore, the signatories agree to settle disputes diplomatically.

[b]Article II: Non-Intervention[/b]

Neither signatory shall seek to infringe upon the authority or sovereignty of the other, and both shall refrain from military actions against each other.

[b]Article III: Trade[/b]

Both signatories agree to a free trade agreement and to enact measures to promote trade between each other. Neither signatory shall enact measures to unfairly restrict the trade or economic rights of the other nor impede the lawful passage of the other's goods, persons, or vessels.

[b]Article IV: Energy and Environmental Protection[/b]

Both signatories agree to pursue environmentally friendly energies such as thorium fission, laser-induced fusion power, solar power, wind power, or hydro electric power. Both signatories also agree to protect the environmental system of the continent of South America, such as the Amazon rain forest.

[b]Article V: Mutual Defense Agreement[/b]

Both signatories agree to defend each other if attacked by another state. If one of the signatories decide to go to war with another state, the signatory not involved may decide whether or not to aid the other in said conflict.

[b]Article VI: Cancellation[/b]

In the event that either signatory wish to withdraw from this agreement, it shall provide 24 hours notice in advance.

[b]Signed for the Republic of Peru:[/b]
[font="Palatino Linotype"][i]Ollanta Humala, Ambassador of the Republic[/i][/font]

[b]Signed for the Transitional Republic of Guyana,[/b]
[i]Laura Leclerc,[/i]
Speaker of the Republic

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Laura read over the treaty, sipping some more water in the meantime. She nodded once, twice. "Alright, this looks good. I'll gladly sign this treaty."
Taking out a pen, she did just that.

[b]Signed for the Transitional Republic of Guyana, [/b]
[i]Laura Leclerc, [/i]
Speaker of the Republic

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