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Noticias del Perú

Padraig Rua

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[center][size="5"][b][u][color="#FF0000"]Proclamation Celebrations[/color][/u][/b][/size][/center]


[b]Celebrations were held throughout the nation today as the Director of the Provisional Government, Sebastián Pinera, proclaimed the creation of the Peruvian Republic. Jubilant crowds received the Director and other members of the Provisional Government outside the Parliament building in Lima. The Director declared in a speech:[/b]

[i]We are proud to be Peruvians on this great day. We should be proud of our heritage. Our people are the heirs to the great empires which dominated the lands before us. We must continue their legacy into future, and stand as an example to other nations upon this continent and throughout the world.

According to me, the message of our proclamation is to use our freedom, our ideas, our power to provide care and comfort to the needy of our nation, by using the national resources of our nation for the upliftment of the down trodden and above all to hold the values of our country at the highest peak of the global tower. The values of socialism! Let us recommit ourselves to this objective.

Long live the Republic![/i]

[b]Elections will be held at a future date, as the citizens of Peru prepare themselves for the first democratic elections in the history of the state.[/b]

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[quote name='Sarah Tintagyl' timestamp='1322948274' post='2860933']
"It is good to see another nation coming to the world that values the Principles of Socialism. The Commune and Peru, we can only hope will have a strong friendship in the future."

[i]"We appreciate the positive reaction from the Commune of France. I hope fruitful relations will develop between our two socialist states quite soon."[/i]

[b]Ambassador Ollanta Humala[/b]

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[center][u][color="#FF0000"][size="5"][b]Election Results[/b][/size][/color][/u][/center]


[b]Exactly 42 hours ago, election polls closed as the process of vote counting took hold. This paper officially reports that the election results are in, and the following parties have made it to the Peruvian parliament:[/b]

[b]Peruvian Socialist Party (PSP):[/b]

80 seats

[b]National Party of Peru (NPP)[/b]

30 seats

[b]Peruvian Catholic Party (PCP)[/b]

20 seats

[b]The socialist party is over joyed with its victory in the parliamentary elections. The Peruvian Socialist Party has received the majority of seats in the parliament[/b](80), [b]followed by the National Party of Peru[/b](30), [b]and the Peruvian Catholic Party[/b](20). [b]The leader of the PSP, Sebastián Pinera[/b] (now President),[b] declared earlier today that:[/b] [i]'A new age of socialist prosperity begins!'[/i]. [b]Many citizens look forward to Mr.Pinera's plans for reform which will soon be introduced to the Peruvian parliament and economy.[/b]

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[center][u][color="#FF0000"][size="5"][b]Programme for Economic Development[/b][/size][/color][/u][/center]


[b]President Sebastián Pinera has been working closely with the Director of Finance, Juan Francisco, in drawing up a plan to develop the Peruvian economy. This plan has been named the Programme for Economic Development or PED . In Mr Pinera’s own words, the ’Congress’ became:[/b]

[i]‘busily engaged in the idea of building up our economy, by developing agricultural and industrial production and exports, and providing jobs to keep our young men and women at home’[/i]

[b]The idea of self-sufficiency has been temporarily put on hold for this economic programme. Grants have been given to encourage new industries to set up in Peru, while foreign companies are being attracted to the Republic by the promise of low taxes on their profits.[/b]

[b]Many citizens criticised Mr Pinera for his[/b] [i]‘capitalist styled programme’[/i]. [b]Mr Pinera replied by stating:[/b] [i]‘ In order to create our socialist paradise, we must have an economy to begin with. One which will be able to take on the transfer from capitalism to socialism.’[/i]
[b]Great results are expected from this programme of economic development. Many citizens look forward to the prosperity it will bring.[/b]

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[size="5"][center][u][color="#FF0000"][b]Constitution Created[/b][/color][/u][/center][/size]


[b]President Pinera and members of Congress gathered in the Palacio Legislativo in Lima today in order to review and approve the Constitution of the Republic of Peru. Each attendee signed the Constitution, which will form the basis of Peruvian law and confirm and protect the rights of the Peruvian individual. President Pinera described the signing of the Constitution as a[/b] [i]'Victory for a free socialist democracy. One which will last throughout the ages, showing the glories and values of socialism at its best'.[/i]

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[center][size="5"][b][u]Classified[/u]: Naval Defence System[/b][/size][/center]


[size="4"]In order to defend Peru’s western coast from potential naval attack, the Peruvian government has developed the following Naval Defence System or NDF:[/size]


[*]Block I coastal missile defence system truck which launches Harpoon missiles. Such trucks are non-static and their positions circulated in secret.
[*]KH-22 Anti-Ship-Missile launched from Missile Launch Platform Bomber (if necessary an escort will be provided to engage enemy fighters). Used in either long-range or short-range engagements.
[*]S-300 to provide air cover for Block I missile launch systems and any coastal or inland airfields. Once again, primarily non-static.
[*]S-75 Dvina, a mobile SAM system deployed to defend cities of importance along the coast and other important locations.
[*]Tu-160 to launch Kh-22.
[*]Tu-22M to launch Kh-22.

[size="4"][b][i]Guidance System/Recon:[/i][/b][/size]

[*]Over-the-horizon radar (very high power transceivers which are almost unable to be jammed. Locations: Andes).
[*]Lower power more local radars for better precision (Location: Andes).
[*]Sonobuoy to detect submarines(scattered along the Peruvian coast).

[size="4"][b][i]Aerial Recon:[/i][/b][/size]

[*]Boeing E-3 Sentry.

[size="4"][b][i]To stop enemy jamming:[/i][/b][/size]

[*]Anti jamming routines to be used in such situations.
[*]Frequency hopping to stop jamming in such situations.
[*]Radar absorbent materials deployed around radar sites.

[size="4"][b][i]To defend Missile Launch Platform Bomber:[/i][/b][/size]

[*]Air Superiority fighters of the Peruvian airforce armed with AIM-7 Sparrow air to air missile.

[size="4"][b][i]Anti-ballistic missile system:[/i][/b][/size]

[*]Nike Zeus anti-ballistic missile, deployed at random sites throughout Peru.


[*]Tomahawk Anti Ship Missile, deployed inland at sites defend by, previously mentioned, air defense systems and camouflaged to prevent detection.
[*]Tomahawk CM(Same as above).


[*]R-36, deployed at inland sites dug into the Andes.

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[center][b][size="5"]Imperium Factio[/size][/b][/center]


A new political party has been formed within the Republic. The Imperium Factio or 'Imperial Faction' led by Petronius Maximus has emerged as a major political power within the Republic. The party primarily draws its support from the middle and upper classes of Peruvian society, providing the party a good base to begin its political life. The ideology of the party is quite unique. The members of Imperium Factio wish to establish an Imperial Peru, one based on the values and institutions of the Roman Empire, or to be more specific the Western Roman Empire.

The party also wishes to make the Latin language the official language of Peru, and Catholicism the official state religion. The party has not mentioned any financial policies, but it is believed financial matters will be dictated by the prominent businessmen who support, and possibly fund, the party.

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[center][u][color="#FF0000"][size="5"][b]Uprising in Southern Peru[/b][/size][/color][/u][/center]


[b]A Government spokesperson has confirmed today that an uprising is occurring in Southern Peru. The political party, Imperium Factio, is responsible for the uprising. The party leader, Petronius Maximus, released a statement claiming himself as Emperor of the newly proclaimed, Peruvian Imperium. Information is sketchy, but sources claim that over 50,000 soldiers of the Peruvian army with heavy armour and mild air support have defected to the cause of the Imperium Factio and have declared their undying loyalty to Petronius Maximus. The legal Government of Peru is preparing to crush the uprising.[/b]

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"Canada watches the events taking place in Peru with concern. We deplore the use of violence as a means of overthrowing governments by force. Furthermore, we will continue to recognize the current Government of Peru as a legitimate one. The Peruvian Government shall have our moral backing."


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"The Grand Principality of Vicidalia declares itself neutral, in accordance with the USAN treaty, but will intervene as soon as any foreign nation attempts to exploit the Peruvian internal crisis."

[i]Charlotte de Nouvelle-Châteaudun[/i]
[b]Ministre des Affaires Étrangeres, Commerciales et Coloniales[/b]

[b]OOC:[/b] Patrick, what old tanks you are using... :v:

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[center][u][color="#FF0000"][size="5"][b]Proclamation of the Peruvian Imperium[/b][/size][/color][/u][/center]

[center][b]([/b]Peruvian military officers participate in a military parade to celebrate the Proclamation of the Peruvian Imperium in Lima[b])[/b][/center]

[i]'Through dedication, loyalty, strength, and honour, we have vanquished the oppressors of old and created a society of our own. Only prosperity and peace can come from this new society, and this shall be delivered with the utmost speed and efficiency! Victory! Victory for the people, for the Imperium, and for the Emperor!'[/i] [b]This short speech was given by Quaestor Maria Julia, in Lima's central plaza earlier today. A huge crowd attended the speech, as celebrations continued throughout the Capital.

Unfortunately, these celebrations coincide with the Emperors death. We can officially confirm that the murder of Petronius Maximus occurred earlier today at his residence in Lima. 'Die-hards' of the Republican cause have been blamed for the Emperors death. Many citizens went into mourning as the news of his 'assassination' spread throughout the capital. His state funeral has been planned for next Thursday.

But now, with the Emperor dead, high officials of the Imperial government are gathering together to discuss the ascension of a new Emperor, who will lead Peru into a bright future.[/b]

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[center][u][b][size="5"][color="#FF0000"]Emperor Crowned[/color][/size][/b][/u][/center]


Earlier today, Ramón Castilla, was crowned Emperor Tiberius Manus I of Peru. A coronation was held in the Cathedral of Lima where many religious figures attended the crowning of the Emperor, along with high ranking political figures of the Imperial Government. Festivals were held throughout the country as the people celebrated the coronation of the Emperor. According to a government spokesman, Emperor Tiberius has great plans for Peru which will ultimately bring [i]' Prosperity, wealth, and organization to the Peruvian people'.[/i]

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[center][size="5"][u][color="#FF0000"][b]National Development Plan[/b][/color][/u][/size][/center]


On the behalf of the Emperor, the Señorío has announced the beginning of the five year [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=109122&st=0#entry2920268"]National Development Plan[/url]. Throughout the country vast amounts of equipment and material are being gathered to undertake this epic project. Unemployment has dropped to 3%, as the state continues to recruit many citizens for the manpower necessary to take on this project. The National Development Plan aims to develop and improve education, health, infrastructure, city planning, regional administration, and citizen representation. Once the National Development Plan has been completed, information on the project will be released to the public.

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[center][center][size="5"][b][u][color="#FF0000"]Changes and Additions to the State[/color][/u][/b][/size][/center]

[b]([/b]New Uniform of the Imperial Police Force[b])[/b][/center]

The Señorío has approved the creation a new police force to protect the citizenry and uphold the law. Police units have been created throughout the Empire and have been deployed to 'trouble spots' where the law is not respected. Unlawfulness, if any, is expected to decrease drastically in the upcoming months.

[b]Other News:[/b]

The following oath has been created by the Señorío and is to be taken by all those who were born or reside within the Empire and those who are part of the citizenry:

"[i]Upon my honor I do swear undying loyalty to the Emperor, Tiberius Manus, and unwavering obedience to the officers of his great Empire. May those above judge me, and those below take me, if I fail in my duty. Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empire![/i]"

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[center][u][size="5"][color="#FF0000"][b]Imperial Trading Company[/b][/color][/size][/u][/center]


By order of the Emperor, combined with the approval of the Señorío, an official state trading company has been established. The [b]Imperial Trading Company[/b] is to handle international trade on the behalf of the Peruvian Imperium. The company mainly trades in Gold Peso's. The company particularly imports materials needed for the completion of the national project known as the [b]National Development Plan[/b].

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With the reestablishment of the Peruvian Imperium officially declared, a draft document of a democratic form of government was created and presented to the Peruvian people. Election results declared that the people are in favor of the following form of Government.

[center][size="4"][b]National Assembly of Citizens[/b][/size]
[i](Asamblea Nacional de Ciudadanos)[/i][/center]

Four distinct elements rule the Peruvian Imperium:

[*]Common foreign, military and joint financial policies under the [i]Señorío [/i]lead by the [i]Emperor [/i]and his [i]Supreme Citizen Director[/i]
[*]The Peruvian National Assembly of Citizens
[*]The Bolivian National Assembly of Citizens
[*]The Acre National Assembly of Citizens

Peru, Bolivia and Acre maintain separate [i]‘National Assemblies of Citizens’[/i], each with its own [i]Citizen Director[/i]. Co-ordinating the three Assemblies falls to the [i]Señorío [/i]under the leadership of the Emperor. The [i]Señorío [/i]draws its members from the class of citizens granted Imperial offices and titles by the Emperor. The [i]Señorío [/i]has a responsibility for the army, for foreign policy, and for the customs union of the Peruvian Imperium. However, the members ultimately answer only to the individual National Assemblies, which have the final say on matters of foreign and military policy.

The National Assembly of Citizens [i]‘Asamblea Nacional de Ciudadanos’[/i] is the legislative branch of each of the individual member states of the Peruvian Imperium. It is a unicameral body made up of a variable number of members, known as [i]Citizen Representatives of the People[/i], who are elected by universal, direct, personal, and secret vote. Partly by direct election in regional-based voting districts and partly by a state based proportional representation system.

All Representatives serve five-year terms and must appoint a replacement (Suplente) to stand in for them during periods of incapacity or absence. Representatives must be Peruvian, Bolivian or Acre citizens by birth, or naturalized Imperials with a period of residency in excess of 15 years; older than 20 on the day of the election; and have lived in the state or region for which they seek election during the previous four years.

Beyond passing legislation (and being able to block any of the Citizen Director’s or Emperors legislative initiatives), the Assembly has a number of specific powers outlined, including approving the budget, initiating impeachment proceedings against most government officials (including Consuls and the Viceroy, but never the Emperor, who can only be removed through a national referendum) and appointing the members of the electoral, judicial, and prosecutorial branches of government. Among others it also has the power to authorise foreign and domestic military action and to authorise the Emperor, Viceroy or Citizen Director to leave the Imperium for more than 5 days.

Furthermore the people have also decided to keep Ramón Castilla as Emperor Tiberius Manus I of the Peruvian Imperium.

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[center][b][size="5"]Official Offices and Titles of the Peruvian Imperium[/size][/b][/center]


[b][size="3"]Official Titles of the Emperor[/size][/b]

Current Emperor: Tiberius Manus I
Titles: [i]Inca of Peru, Emperor of Bolivia, Emperor of Acre and Emperor of the Imperium - Inca del Perú, Emperador de Bolivia, Emperador del Acre, y el Emperador del Imperio[/i]

[b][size="3"]Official Offices and Titles of the Citizenry[/size][/b]

[i][color="#FF0000"]Citizen Director of the Assembly (CDA) - Ciudadano Director de la Asamblea[/color][/i]
(The ‘Citizen Director of the Assembly’ is head of the elected government. He is chosen by other Citizen Representatives of the People. A ‘Supreme Citizen Director’ is chosen by the Emperor from the three Citizen Directors, to help in the administration of the Imperium)

[i][color="#FF0000"]Citizen Consul (CC) - Ciudadano Cónsul[/color][/i]
(A ‘Citizen Consul’ is a Citizen Representative chosen by the Citizen Director as part of his cabinet. They handle matters such as environment, transport, health etc.)

[i][color="#FF0000"]Citizen Representative of the People (CRP) - Ciudadano Representante del Pueblo[/color][/i]
(A ‘Citizen Representative of the People’ is a member of parliament elected by the people to represent the views and interests of the people)

[i][color="#FF0000"]Honorary Citizen - Ciudadano Honorario[/color][/i]
(An ‘Honorary Citizenship’ extends to those whom are consider to be especially admirable or worthy of the distinction)

[i][color="#FF0000"]Citizen - Ciudadano[/color][/i]
(A ‘Citizen’ has the right to work and live in any member state of the Imperium and, among others, has the right to participate in political life)

[b][size="3"]Official Offices and Titles Granted by Imperial Decree[/size][/b]

[i][color="#FF0000"]Viceroy – Virrey[/color][/i]
(The ‘Viceroy’ is an Imperial official who runs a city, province or member state of the Imperium in the name of the Emperor, when the Emperor is absent)

[i][color="#FF0000"]Governor – Gobernador[/color][/i]
(A ‘Governor’ is an official appointed by the Emperor to govern a town or region)

[i][color="#FF0000"]Count – Conde[/color][/i]
(A ‘Count’ is granted an estate (3,000-5000 acres), as a reward, for his services to the Imperium. A ‘Count’ rents this land to a Citizen Tenant. The Citizen Tenant grows crops or raises animals which he or she sells, or keeps, on. With the money earned from selling their produce, they pay rent to the ‘Count’. Or they can pay rent by giving a share of the crops grown as payment. A Citizen Tenant cannot be evicted from their land without just cause. If a Citizen Tenant is evicted illegally, the ‘Count’ immediately looses his title and gives half of his estate to the abused party. Also, Citizen Tenants have the same rights as ‘Counts’ or any class of the Imperium)

[i][color="#FF0000"]Don – Don[/color][/i]
(‘Don’ is an honorific title granted to those who are admirable or worthy of the distinction. Along with this title comes a portion of land half the size of a Counts estate. A ‘Don’ can rent this land to a Citizen Tenant or simply sell it on. It is their choice. Though if it goes against the interests of the Imperium, the land can be legally taken back under Imperial control)

[i][color="#FF0000"]Baron - Barón[/color] [/i]
(The title ‘Baron’ is granted to a person who rules over a Townland, the smallest administrative division of land in the Imperium. It is mostly an honorific title which accompanies a small track of land, usually half that of a Don’s estate)

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