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heres some jokes

[quote]This Christmas naughty children will be getting some Euros instead of that expensive lump of coal. [/quote]

[quote]I got sacked as a lifeguard yesterday.

Turns out when swimmers are waving they're not necessarily being friendly. [/quote]

[quote]I have just read an unpublished edition of The Lord of The Rings in which Bilbo Baggins dies while having sex.

I guess old hobbits die hard. [/quote]

[quote]BBC News : "Gaddafi 'Not Targeted' By US Strikes"

So we can safely assume that he'll be dead within days. [/quote]
Hey were back
LoSS is in TE again[/center]

P8ntballerdude dictator - Ghaddafi
Rol20kid regent - bad santa
chedab P8nts !@#$%^ - bad lifeguard
Dictator General LoSS hobbit - Mascot

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[quote name='Captain Spock' timestamp='1322948172' post='2860931']
You'll come back to Synergy, eventually.
I look forward to roguing you guys at the end of the round. ;)

And [i]you[/i] will come to [i]us[/i] eventually ;)

Welcome back LOSS!

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