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[size="5"][font="Impact"][b][center]Official News releases from the Government of New Ulster[/center][/b][/font][/size]

[i]3rd December 2011[/i]

[b]New Constitution[/b]
The interim government introduced a motion to formally adopt the new constitution as voted on by the people - the constituent assembly approved the motion unanimously 150-0.

[b]Nation's name officially adopted[/b]
The official name of the nation was also adopted, 'New Ulster', with no long form name as of yet.

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[i]4th December 2011[/i]

[b]Government sends troops to South Island[/b]
Following the apparent collapse of the New Munster government, on notification from the Oceanic Union, the New Ulster government sent a small amount of military troops to the South Island to ensure order. The government also declared the area to be under the protection of New Ulster.

[b]Capital chosen[/b]
The interim government has decided that Wellington will be the capital of New Ulster, after considering the government's new responsibility over the South Island.

[b]Nation name change?[/b]
The constituent assembly is debating the possibility of changing the nation's name after the annexation of the South Island.

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[quote name='Kankou' timestamp='1322993862' post='2862100']
Grand Papua wishes to extend help to its neighbor, and has its Rapid Deployment Forces ready.

New Ulster's interim Minister of Defence thanks Grand Papua for offering help and will request their involvement if anything gets out of hand. We hope that the restoration of order will not require any armed actions - thus far there appears to be more no large scale rioting or disorder on the streets of the main cities on the South Island - indeed there was none at all when New Ulster's token force entered the largest city on the island, Christchurch.

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[i]8th December 2011[/i]

[b]Voting age lowered[/b]
The interim legislative assembly permanently lowered both the voting age & minimum candidate age for all elected offices from 18 to 16 before the referendum on the nation's name and the presidential election today.

[b]Nation to be renamed[/b]
Following the South Island joining the country, the interim government proposed that the nation be renamed to [i]New Zealand[/i] - a snap poll called by the legislative assembly confirmed the decision 57% to 42% (1% spoiled ballots) with a turnout of 54.5% of voters. The long form name as approved by voters will be 'the [i]Commonwealth of New Zealand[/i]'.

[b]President elected[/b]
The Chief Executive of the interim government, [i]Knowz[/i], was elected today as [i]President of the Commonwealth of New Zealand[/i] winning 55.5% of the vote (turnout also at 54.5% of voters as for the naming referendum) following the calling of a snap presidential election by the legislative assembly - he is the youngest ever Kiwi elected to any office in the long history of these islands. Knowz was elected on a promise of social progressivism and responsible fiscal policies. The office of President is to be a mainly ceremonial one, but one with significant reserve powers, in keeping with New Zealand's traditions of strong parliamentary democracy. The length of one presidential term is 5 years. Knowz will be inaugurated within a month and in the meantime will continue to head the interim government.

[b]Parliamentary elections soon[/b]
The interim government has announced that parliamentary elections will be held within a month's time - parties and candidates have 2 weeks to register with the Electoral Commission.

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