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Joint Announcement from The Order of the Paradox, Valhalla and The Sweet Oblivion

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[quote]<Random> [09:54] <Random> The parties TOP, Valhalla, TSO and NpO agree to end hostilities

<Random> [09:55] <Random> The New Polar Order acknowledges all of its wrongdoings and mistakes made by its leaders since the BiPolar War began.

<Random> [09:55] <Random> The New Polar Order hereby apologizes to The Order of the Paradox, IRON, The Sweet Oblivion, The Order of Righteous Nations, Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics, DAWN, Valhalla, New Sith Order and every other alliance that was present in the BiPolar coalition channel.[/quote]

Yevgeni, The Order of the Paradox
Celt, The Sweet Oblivion
Tronix, Valhalla

Well I think we all got our points across. Good game, NpO.

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