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FEAR Declaration

Lord Boris

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[center][size=18pt][color=red]FEAR Announcement[/color][/size][/center]

For too long has injustice and evil been ripe in this world, and for too long has nothing been done about it. Well, we at FEAR have decided enough is enough and that it must come to an end. As such we would like to announce that should any rogue nation attack any legit white nation, to contact Turetel because he is White Team Senate w00! Party at #cnfear!

[u]A Message concerning the FEAR Resistance[/u]
As I am sure everyone is aware of, some foolish rulers recently tried to resist our mighty empire. I would like to give a shout out and a thanks to that Gordy guy, and the other one. I am proud to say that after these noble moralists forced us to the brink of disbandment we have returned once again to oppress and command the populous of this world with our gifts of aid and suck, we are DEAD ASS DEAD ASS DEAD ASS DEAD ASS SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to member award/shout outs

[b][u]Member Awards[/u][/b]
[b]From ShouAS[/b]

I would also like to take the time to give thanks to members of FEAR and our close allies

Argirios: The most dedicated Director of Education ever, we wish you a happy retirement <3

CBray: You are a jumped up lima bean kitten huffer, and you know what I mean.

Canik: We might disagree on some things, but you are a pretty swell guy over all

Lord Boris: You helped me when I was just a new ruler starting a nation for the very first time. You will make a perfect father figure and I wish you a long happy future

TheDon125: You have always been one of the most approachable and friendly people around and I could never have gotten where I am without you.

Chax: You showed me a lot about alliance-alliance interactions, and for that I am forever great full

To all members of Europa, Wolfpack and NEW: You guys have been my bloc mates and have always been there for, you are the best and never let anyone tell you otherwise

[b]From CBray[/b]

Turetel - You've taught us all the way of the turtle so well that I almost feel guilty about my turtle shell ash tray

Dcrews - Despite wanting to absorb and merge into eveything, everyone and anything moving, we still love you.

O-Dog - You have an O before the common name of a canine, nice

Curly Mullet - One day the mullet militia will grow to be as strong as the shine in your own mullet

Sweffin - Our favourite hippy, enjoy your stint in peace mode <3

Spaarlamp - I've recently been to Ikea, and since you're not Swedish you probably don't care

Santa - For keeping it real

To the spider hiding in my house, I will find you, one day, I will get you.

[b]From Canik[/b]

ShouAS: You've come a long way in only a year. I'm proud of you, despite you foolishly questioning my authority.

AllahAckbar: Our largest nation, and one of our most fearless. We are honored to have you as a flagship nation.

Bob The Slayer: This message speaks for itself -
[quote]To: Canik From: Bob the Slayer Date: 12/2/2011 12:13:05 AM

Subject: RE: FEAR Flower Dispatch

Message: Let us run them down like a pack of wolves, rip there throats out and gorge on there flesh. The packs of my nation are ready for your orders

Mad Larkin: Thank you for all your years of service as DoF

Vyasvinay: I love your positive and upbeat attitude. CN needs more members like you.

MrFox: My favorite tech seller

PlatypusFace: For being a generally awesome person

Turetel: You might understand my madness better than anyone, thanks for the years of support

Chax: You taught me what it is to love <3

[b]From NorthSouthLand[/b]

NorthSouthLand - You are the best GayDragon evar.

ShouAS - You know you like my poodle skirt.

Chax - Your posts never cease to amuse me.

Deebo - I still blame you.

For the rest of FEAR and BFF, you guys are still scrubs and horrible allies because we have not had a war in quite some time. We love you guys. <3

TORN - Thank you.

[b]From Spaarlamp[/b]

Jonte: Because you finally pimped our wiki, or at least I think you did.

ToySoldier78: Because I know I'm your favorite Chancellor.

Pseudosanct: For being my most loyal tech seller. So loyal that I got an exclusive deal with you!

theloser1: For being our smallest member. Although I think you are a ghost.

[b]From Dcrews[/b]

Turetel- Cool guy, been around for a while and that wisdom shows in your decision making. I look to you for an honest opinion and an unbiased assessment, thanks.

Boris- This the ruler of "in the know" you are a great source of knowledge an know-how. You are calm cool and collected traits that are essential for a leader, but you also know how to crack the whip.

TheDon- Classy guy, fair and willing to give everyone a chance, I looked to you when i was a noob for guidance. I was eager and as my first division commander you helped me along. Really appreciated that. When retire CN will lose a great man.

Chax- Funniest guy in Cn. You know how to lighten the mood but you are also a great leader. I look forward to every single one of your posts.

Canik- Your a fun guy and pretty laid back. But you are also, a well of military knowledge, and "the guy" i look to when i need some advice.
To the rest of FEAR and BFF- you are all awesome people. I don't regret one bit joining FEAR and you guys are the reason why. I look forward to spending more time with you.

[b]From Lord Boris[/b]

Turetel: You've been a voice of reason and a great level-head to bounce ideas off of. You've done a ton for FEAR, and we hope like hell you never leave Planet Bob.

Canik: You're still a crazy, reckless #@&^%*$. <3

ShouAS: I'm thankful you have a healthy sense of humor, or else we'd likely have traded punches more than once.

And to those we face off against on the battlefield, I wish you well. This is part of what a lot of the world has wanted for a long time. Let's have fun with it, and then go have a beer when it's over.


FEAR is now officially at war with Menotah in defense of TORN

To our sparring partners over at ODN, we offer our heartfelt apology that we are not attacking you just now :( but don't worry we still love you <3

Signed for FEAR,
Spaarlaamp - CoMA
ShouAS - CoIA
TheDon125 - CoEA

Edited by Lord Boris
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