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Cambodian Internal Development, Economics, and News thread

Captain Enema

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[b]Siem Riep[/b]

"The Prime Minister's office is requesting that we prepare a comprehensive local medical clinic scheme to give even the most distant village a medical presence," the Minister of Health says as he examines the documents.

"That's a tall order."

"Not entirely impossible. We'll have to send young men and women of promise to foreign universities and hospital to get trained properly. Our own medical university in Phenom Penh doesn't have the capacity for it."

"Who should we turn to for this training?"

"UFE, most of our current doctors, nurses, and health specialists were trained in their Universities."

"I'll forward a request to the Minister of Foreign Relations then," the Minister of Health's assistant says.

"Yes, do that, and I'll count noses to determine if we can put together some traveling medical teams to fill the gap in the short team," the Minister of Health mutters.


"Sir, the latest reports on the Roads and Rail Improvement Campaign," the Minister of Internal Affairs assistant says.

"Thank you, give me the short version."

"Successful upgrading of all roads and rails will take 18 months to complete."

"That's not as bad as I thought it would be. Carry on, your plan is approved."

[b]Press Conference, New Cambodian Herald Tribune[/b]

-Annete Bayol-

08:33 Annette_Bayol Monsieur Suvah, if you please a few questions for La Gazette du Gens
08:33 Suvah By all means, ask away Ma'am.
08:34 Annette_Bayol With Cambodia seceding from the United Federation of the East, what do you see your new country's role in the world compared to as a state of the Federation?
08:37 Suvah We seek to be a engine of economic and medical prosperity. My nation is not a militant power. In order to effect change in the lives of my people I will do so by improving their quality of life through jobs brought from responsible trade and industry.
08:38 Annette_Bayol Is one of the reasons of this recent secession tied to the fact of the Federation's involvement in Cochin?
08:40 Suvah Not at all. The events transpiring with Cochin and the creation of New Cambodia are bad timing. Though if you think about the recent history of our world, when really has there been a good time for such a thing as creating a new nation? There always seems to be something amiss.
08:41 Annette_Bayol Indeed, Monsieur. Given that Cambodia exists as almost a stepping stone between Asia and Oceania, are you planning on staying neutral in most politics or offering your voice as a bridge not only in Asia and Oceania, but in the world.
08:43 Suvah Economically yes providing that economic opportunity doesn't cause a destabilizing effect with our neighbors. While we are neutral we still must be sensitive to the wishes of our immediate neighbors while hoping they in turn are respectful of ours.
08:44 Annette_Bayol And your role in the greater world?
08:46 Suvah A much reduced one if we can possibly manage it. A nation such as my own can't be seen sticking it's proverbial neck out too far from the shell. We will be investigating the possibility of joining the White Cross as a means of involving ourselves internationally, but beyond that it is difficult to say.
08:48 Annette_Bayol What would you say are Cambodia's central political ideologies?
08:48 Suvah Socialist with a large touch of pragmatism.
08:49 Annette_Bayol There are rumors about an increase of Leftist thought in Europe and in Northern Asia, would Cambodia be welcoming or abhor such movements?
08:51 Suvah Depends entirely upon the specifics of that leftist thought. I know your job is to ask the questions, but if you could indulge me by being specific. My knowledge in this area is a bit limited given my busy schedule of late.
09:00 Annette_Bayol The recent spread of Revolutionary Leftism in Siberia, Finland, France, and Norway. Given that the Federation adheres to such ideologies, where would Cambodia see itself in this universe of nations.
09:02 Suvah I'm sorry Ma'am I'm just not familiar enough with the specifics of what revolutionary leftism entails. Does this involve militarism, because as a nation of peace and pacifism such an ideology would not be welcome to us.
09:03 Annette_Bayol Yes, I'm sorry I was not as specific, though that would be a correct answer. My apologies again. Would that mean Cambodia most likely would not pursue relations with the countries listed above?
09:04 Suvah We are open to relationships, just not military relationships.
09:04 Suvah We have no need for military relationships given our neutral status and pacifistic inclinations.
09:06 Annette_Bayol I understand, well Monsieur Suvah, I thank you for taking my questions.
09:06 Suvah Might I ask a few questions of yourself?
09:07 Annette_Bayol Oh, of course Monsieur.
09:07 Suvah I gather you are from France?
09:07 Annette_Bayol Yes, Monsieur
09:08 Suvah How goes the recent integration of the various French nations into the unified France the world is blessed with today?
09:08 Annette_Bayol You mean from what were the nations of Burgundy, The Angevin Kingdom, and Andorra?
09:08 Suvah yes.
09:09 Annette_Bayol Things are well at home, a recent revolution pushed the Empress and the King and Queen of the Angevins out of power and replaced with the new One Party System. But things are well.
09:09 Suvah Was this a peaceful transition?
09:09 Annette_Bayol While I would not say it was entirely peaceful, civil war was avoided.
09:10 Suvah That in itself is a blessing for France. Given the recent and past history of your nation in regards to revolutions. And what are your political leanings?
09:13 Annette_Bayol Revolutionary Socialism, the spread of Socialism throughout the world, whether peaceful or militarily. Though attempting to stay as close as possible to Marxist theory. Albeit, nothing will be perfect as it is in books.
09:14 Suvah And do you belong to any sort of Revolutionary organizations? Do such things even exist?
09:14 Suvah And this last question can be off the record if you so desire.
09:14 Annette_Bayol In what way Monsieur?
09:15 Suvah An organization of private citizens to spread the message of socialism?
09:16 Annette_Bayol Oh, well I am party of the Revolutionary Party if you mean, Monsieur. As to the actual spreading, I'm just a member of the French News Corps.
09:17 Suvah In New Cambodia our news organizations are in their infancy. Though power of the press is well protected in New Cambodia, our journalists are still a bit timid about asking the more difficult questions that distinguishes a good journalist from a hack.
09:19 Annette_Bayol We're still getting set up ourselves, but I am sure I can pass along to my superiors that if Cambodia requires anything, France would be happy to oblige.
09:21 Suvah I believe the way forward would be to lead by example. Perhaps in the future we could conduct further interviews in which no area is untouchable.
09:21 Annette_Bayol It would be an interesting process Monsieur.
09:23 Suvah Might I ask one more question?
09:23 Annette_Bayol Of course.
09:24 Suvah Is there a Mr. Bayol I can put on the invitation for the New Cambodian Independence celebration or would you prefer a Annette Bayol plus 1 invitation?
09:25 Annette_Bayol blushes.
09:25 Suvah notices the blush and suddenly realizes that what he said might be slightly misinterpreted.
09:26 Annette_Bayol Monsieur, I'm sure there are more, influential people to be invited to an Independence Day celebration than a news reporter from Lille.
09:26 Suvah None the less, I'd like you to be a guest of the government of New Cambodia. You are the only one who made an appearance at our press conference.
09:27 Annette_Bayol Ah well then, it would be a pleasure, and I would prefer the plus 1, there is no M. Bayol.
09:28 Suvah Lovely, I will have an invitation made up and please forgive me if my question was a bit too forward.
09:30 Annette_Bayol Not at all, I appreciate the invitation.
09:31 Suvah Lovely, and might I have permission to have this interview posted in the New Cambodian Herald Tribune with your name in the byline?
09:31 Annette_Bayol That would be fine.
09:33 Suvah Delighted, please feel free to wander about New Cambodia. I suggest visiting Angkor Wat, the temples are in good shape given the UFE's cultural preservation efforts they undertook during their time in Cambodia. Probably they are in better shape now than they were when they were first built.
09:33 Annette_Bayol It should be a real pleasure, thank you for your time, Monsieur
09:34 Suvah And you as well, have a lovely day.
09:34 Suvah departs the room.

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[b]Phenom Penh/Saigon University[/b]

Dozens of young Khmer of both genders and a few of questionable gender begin their classes at Saigon University as part of the agreement between the Khmer and the Federation. The students have their own agreement with the New Cambodian government, free education at Saigon University in exchange for 8 years of community service in the medical field.

The Joint Development Center is also begun. Rather than spend time creating a costly structure, an existing building is purchased and converted. A few dozen Khmer Engineers and Materials Specialists take up home and a notice is put out in various Federation newspapers and trades journal offering lucrative employment with the Joint Development center for innovative men and women looking to make their mark in the medical field with developing effective solutions to problems plaguing the parts of the world that aren't quite as advanced.

The notice also includes a specific promise, in writing if needed, that the technology created at the center as a result of work undertaken by the development teams would be held jointly by the creator and the center. Further, all work undertaken by the employee outside of the center is the employee's to profit from providing center resources and time were not used to develop said work.

(OOC: this last bit is subject to review by Triyun as essentially I'm rping his citizens, which makes me slightly leery. Triyun, if you want me to adjust the direction of the Joint Development Center RP and the students in Saigon U, just say so. No hard feelings, they are your citizens and University to begin with.)

-Phenom Penh

Roving Medical and Educational Improvement teams have been created by the Ministry of Health and Education. With these teams Civil Engineers have been attached to give a holistic approach to covering as many of the needs of the Khmer people as possible. The teams are equipped with mobile medical equipment, vehicles, computers, and other equipment needed to carry out their missions. These teams are designated Mobile Teams 1 through 15 and are currently deploying.

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[b]Classified- Siem Riep CDF Base[/b]

The 209th Federal Assistant Brigade is renamed the 209th Federal Police Brigade to emphasize the role of the CDF in the Khmer Society as being a police organization first and a military organization second. The 208th Federal Police Brigade also is issued enough equipment to form ten special weapons and tactics teams and the vehicles to support their rapid movements.

A special division of the Federal Police is also slated for creation. This division is charged with tracking, isolating, and securing by any means necessary those considered to be apex predators and an intolerable danger to the Khmer people. Division Six will be a company strength organization and will be based one platoon each to the four administrative regions of New Cambodia.

Economic News

An agreement has been forged with the Northern Imperium for the export of food-goods in exchange for various metals and forest products. Rather than handle this transaction directly the Prime Minister's office has tasked the Ministry of Internal Affairs with playing matchmaker with New Cambodian Agricultural Co-operatives and Northern Imperium Companies.

Internal Development

An ambitions 5 year project to equip each village and city with a clinic and school has commenced. Likewise a survey of New Cambodian cities highlights numerous infrastructure issues that are being addressed as well. Issues that are cropping up with the Prime Minister's decentralization projects.

[b]Project Freedom[/b]

To reduce pollution, population congestion, and to reduce damage to the environment the government has created a multi-billion dong fund to begin relocating citizens of the larger cities to smaller villages. To encourage this move an 10 point plan is being put into place to help New Cambodia reduce their dependency on fossil fuels, to increase personal liberties, and reduce government waste.

1) A nationwide light rail system using solar power will be constructed for commuters.

2) Taxes will increase by 10 percent with each child over a single child.

3) All taxes collected through the above tax will be put into a Senior Citizen Fund to ensure the elders of New Cambodian society are well taken care of once the population growth at the bottom decreases to the extent that the older generation outnumbers the younger.

4) Solar Power will be encouraged.

5) Villages and towns will be well equipped with schools, clinics, parks, and other entertainment needed.

6) A comprehensive internet system will be developed to encourage people to do their shopping online to help decrease travel.

7) A strict set of environmental regulations for industry, commercial, and residential sites are being enacted.

8) Population caps are being put on larger New Cambodian Cities to encourage relocation to smaller towns and villages.

9) The Government of New Cambodia will be subjected from a top to bottom review every five years to determine if New Cambodian taxes are being spent properly.

10) A Citizen's Miltia is being organized in which participating members will be allowed to privately own firearms purchased from government vendors after completing 150 hours of training.

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"The New Cambodian Spaceship King Sihanouk has lifted off!" Screams the announcer as thousands of Khmer watch the television screens in their houses on the edge of their seats.

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[b]Internal News[/b]

"The Spaceship King Sihanouk returned from orbit. The two Khmernauts report their voyage went exceptionally well.

The New Cambodian Defense Force is recruiting replacements for our national defenses. The recent depletion caused by the wholesale desertion of men from the NCDF to the Spartans has left us shorthanded in nearly all branches of the New Cambodian Defense Force.

The Ministry of Interior reports satisfactory progress made on the population redistribution efforts. Phenom Penh's population has been reduced by 25 percent through relocation. While there is some complaining, the majority of the relocated citizens apparently are enjoying the transition to small town life. More progress has been made on the establishment of schools, clinics, and other civil services in remote hamlets.

The newly reclaimed northern provinces have been integrated into the New Cambodian government structure. For now Spartan formations watch over them and are due to depart for the Federations within three months time. A phased handover has been organized to allow the NCDF time to rebuild and exert control over these areas properly.

The Spartan Retirement Scheme has been passed allowing men and women serving the Spartans to invest into the New Cambodian Retirement plan. This allows them to not miss any time paid into the pension scheme while away serving with the Federation.

The Light Rail and Internal Freight system is being upgraded and expanded. Work on this project is expected to last upwards of five years to properly tie in all regions of New Cambodia in a way to reduce reliance on passenger vehicle transport.

Prime Minister Suvah is currently attending the Kyoto Conference in Japan to represent New Cambodia in what is being hailed as one of the more important diplomatic events in the last twenty years. Updates will be made directly from the conference as they come available."

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[b]Internal News[/b]

The integration of the UFE Rail System into the New Cambodia Passenger Authority marks a major step forward in the development of a greener self-sustaining New Cambodia.

New Cambodia is 50 percent complete with the redistribution plan of the New Cambodian population.

The New Cambodian Defense Force has been cutback by 75 percent given the lack of need for such an organization. The 25,000 men of the New Cambodian Defense force are integrated into a single heavy division that is organized along the lines of Brigade Combat Teams. Each of the 5 regional districts of New Cambodia will have one of the BCTs stationed within it.

Funds remitted from the Spartans are pushing the New Cambodian economy into massive upswing. The millions of dongs being sent home by Spartan soldiers are being invested internally and externally.

A proposal by a small African company known as Port of Sudan Imports and Exports to house its Asian business center in Phenom Penh has been approved.

The Ministry of Education and Health have been rolled into one streamlined organization given the duties of the two are being conducted by joint field teams. Nearly 75 percent of the Khmer population has been integrated into the new Unified Health and Education Scheme.

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