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Announcement from The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization


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With the lack of war Planet Bob has seen over the past several months, we decided to do something about it. While we sit back and wait on SF to pull the trigger, GATO has been continuing to grow on a daily basis. Just a few minutes ago, we hit a milestone not yet reached before.


8 million total strength.

In the spirit of Christmas, we also recently signed a secret treaty. Hopefully this conflict escalates and we get the opportunity to give a deserving alliance a surprise through it.

We also just concluded elections for our High Court and our Congress. I present to you our newly elected;
High Court:[/b]

[i]Kubla Khan
King Gregory


[i]James Wilson

[size="1"]Further announcements to follow...[/size]

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[quote name='magicninja' timestamp='1322882527' post='2859819']
I wasn't fond of the secret treaty idea at first but I guess if it comes in useful, especially this month, I'll come around.

8mil eh? Not bad I guess. Congrats on the elections guys.
itll be below 8 mil when i nuke you

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