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New Cambodia Farkbook

Captain Enema

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[b]New Cambodian Map[/b]


[b]New Cambodian Flag[/b]


[b]New Cambodian Government[/b]

Prime Minister Pol Suvah, New Harmony Party

Minister of Peace Botum Champey, New Harmony Party

Minister of Internal Affairs Bourey Champei, New Harmony Party

Minister of Foreign Affairs Munny Kolab, New Harmony Party

Minister of Education and Health Nhean Pich, New Harmony Party

Minister of Special Projects Phirun Jorani, New Harmony Party

[b]New Cambodian Police Forces[/b]

The New Cambodian Police Forces are a branch of the Internal Affairs Ministry. The NCPF consists of two distinct branches, which are controlled by one central office.

Border Police Agency

27,000 men

Federal Police Agency


All members of the Cambodian Defense Force and Police Forces undergo a 16 week induction period.

Upon graduation the Police go onto an 8 week basic community police practicum. Upon successful completion of the practicum the inductees are sent for advanced training. The CDF is a paramilitary organization designed to provide police, medical, and emergency services to the Khmer Population.


Local Policeman modeling his NCPF Uniform. The same uniform is worn by Border Patrol Agency members as well.


Upgrade police pistol


Newly issued Police Shotgun


7.62x 54 Marksman


Tear Gas and Smoke Grenade Launcher


Thermal Imaging Scanners


Net Launcher In Action

The NCPF has also created 10 District Level SWAT Teams. Two teams per regional District along with another Federal SWAT Company of four additional teams. All of the teams train extensively in hostage negotiations and the use of non-lethal force to reduce violent incidents from being resolved in bloodshed.


[b]New Cambodian Defense Force[/b]

Upon graduation of their 16 week induction training the new intakes of the NCDF are sent to their specialty training. Once completed they are assigned to their parent Brigade.

All members of the CDF have their basic kit. This includes a pistol, body armor, helmet, medical kit, tactical radio, and their police uniform. Further, depending upon their Defensive Occupational Specialty they are provided with a rifle or larger.


201st Brigade Combat Team practicing close formation drill.

Basic Sidearm:


The NCDF prefers a simpler model of pistol for its officers versus the more specialized pistol of the NCPF. Both utilize the same basic frame and .45 caliber ammunition.

All members of the CDF are required to go armed with their service pistol at all times. The above pistol is produced in Phenom Penh and is a proven design for the work it is called upon to do.

Basic Military Weapons:



209th Federal Assistance Brigade Heavy Weapons


60 to 120 mm mortars


LAV-25 Armored Cars


LAV ADA Vehicles

Basic Assistance Vehicles:




New Cambodian Brigade Combat Teams

201st Brigade Combat Team- 5000 Men
Mechanized Infantry

202nd Brigade Combat Team- 5000 men
Mechanized Infantry

203rd Brigade Combat Team- 5000 men
Mechanized Infantry

204th Brigade Combat Team- 5000 men
Mechanized Infantry

205th Brigade Combat Team- 5000 men
Mechanized Infantry

The NCDF is supported by the Civilian Logistical Corp. This organization has assumed all of the roles normally held by active duty military members so that the bulk of the NCDF can be held in a combatant role. The NCDF is considered a paramilitary organization and must undergo a special 8 week Induction Course and 8 to 12 week specialization course.

The CLC is armed with side-arms for personal defense only.


The New Cambodian Government is currently considered to be socialist in nature. Medical care is provided for by the government. Education is provided for by the government. Pensions, disability insurance, and other social needs are provided for by the government. Taxes are set at 45 percent and tax collection is overseen by the New Cambodian Central Collection Center.

Parliamentarians are subject to recall by their home districts through a local vote of no confidence at anytime. Prime Ministers are subject to the same on a national level and by Parliament. The New Cambodian Peace and Harmony Act gives the Prime Minister protection from recall under certain conditions in the event Parliament declares a state of emergency.

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