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Random Insanity Alliance Announcement


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[center][u][b]Election Results[/b][/u][/center]

For Triumvir we had an extremely close race where Shadow and Shadow Slayer tied each other. However, as Shadow Slayer is already a Triumvir and only Shadow was up for election, the seat was once again given to Shadow. We welcome him into his 8th term as Triumvir.

Triumvir: Shadow

For the Cabinet we've also had a couple changes. For Head of Economics (HoE), brian, formerly an Econ Assistant, takes over for Ogaden who has decided to move on to a different position. We welcome him into his first position in government and look forward to his work. brian ran against [img]http://rialliance.net/Smileys/default/boobs.gif[/img] who he horribly lost against only getting 14% of the vote but as [img]http://rialliance.net/Smileys/default/boobs.gif[/img] is only an emoticon it could not serve in office and brian won the seat.

Head of Economics: brian

For Head of Internal Affairs (HoIA), Atonichis775 won re-election starting his second term. He has put lots of enthusiasm into his position and has worked and made numerous suggestions to streamline the internal affairs of the RIA and we look forward to his continued effort. Atonichis ran against and tied with [url="http://www.ryansgoblog.com/images/kane_command_conquer.jpg"]Kane[/url] who professed a campaign of 'One Vision, One Purpose', however Kane could not be found to respond to these results and Atonichis gained the seat.

Head of Internal Affairs: Atonichis775

For Head of Foreign Affairs (HoFA), im317 will continue into another term. We look forward to his continued work. He won 30% of the vote in a five-way race between im316, im318, im319, and im320. im320 technically won with 35% of the vote but as he is non existent person he could not take the position.

Head of Foreign Affairs: im317

For Head of Military Operations (HoMO), Jenne was once again re-elected to the position. He has remained in the position since April of 2011. We all look forward to working with him some more. Jenne won 30% of the vote against Elton John however Elton John did not accept his victory and Jenne gained the seat.

Head of Military Operations: Jenne

For Head of Recruitment (HoR), Croix has decided to retire from government for awhile and we thank him for his service. Ogaden, instead of retiring from government after being Head of Economics has decided to switch over to being Head of Recruitment. He previously served in this position in mid 2010 and we welcome him back to it. Ogaden won with 81.25% of the vote against Gangs who announced his intention to run but never made a campaign.

Head of Recruitment: Ogaden

For Captain Planet (CP), we welcome rlrcstrnthusiast to the position after defeating Arsenal 10 in a three-way match. We look forward to his work in environmental cleanup and other Captain Planet related duties. He won 24% of the vote. The true winner with 57% of the vote was technically the [url="https://drkronner.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/99-cancer-captain-planet_thumb.jpg"]Guy in Picture[/url] as he was dubbed, however he could not be reached to accept the position.

Captain Planet: rlrcstrnthusiast

[center][u][b]RIA Government - December 2011/January 2012[/b][/u]

[u]Triumvirate VIII[/u]
Delta1212, Shadow, Shadow Slayer

[u]Cabinet XLVII[/u]
Apophis775, Head of Internal Affairs
brian, Head of Economics
im317, Head of Foreign Affairs
Jenne, Head of Military Operations
Ogaden, Head of Recruitment

[u][b]Other Positions[/b][/u]

[u]31st Cabinet Planet[/u]

[u]Head of the Department of Girls (HotDoG)[/u]

Agent Lemon, Cactus Emertus
cctmsp13, Viceroy
Moth, Cactus Emertus
Thunder Strike, Cactus Emertus

[u]Official Red Team Senator[/u]
Biff Webster

Agent Lemon, Recruitment Leadership
Arsenal 10, Officer
biofantic, Officer
C/Staff Sgt. Rorick, Officer
cctmsp13, Deputy Head of Economics
Gangs, Recruitment Leadership
Leo, Hello Kitty
Muji1111, Officer
Ogaden, Economics Leadership
sycoforbidden, Trade Circle Organizer
uchiha, Officer

[b][u]Honorary Positions[/u][/b]
Lanna of TYR, Ministress of Secks
Myrrh of NBA, Resident Fujoshi[/center]

[center][b][u]Updated RIA Government Timeline[/u][/b][/center]


In addition to all that above we would also like to recognize and give a few commendations to some awesome foreign diplomats who regularly hang out over at www.rialliance.net

[center]Alex987 of R&R
Bucks of the Global Order of Darkness
Chuck Normis of the Coalition of Allied Powers
Electric Mango of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations
Locke of the Global Order of Darkness
KemMo of the Nuclear Proliferation League
Mr Havok of the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
King Wally of the Nuclear Prolifereation League
Mia of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations
Reine of the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers
qazzian of the New Pacific Order
rodrod of the United Sovereign Nations
Smurthwaite of the Nuclear Proliferation League[/center]

Thanks to all of the above for going the extra mile in continuing to hang out, either officially or for fun, on our boards. We love you all. I probably missed some people but don't worry that doesn't mean you aren't loved. I hope to continue to see all of the above and anybody else I forgot on our boards and in #RIA. [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img]

Thank you all for your time. Thats all for tonight. I hope you continue to look forward to future Random Insanity Alliance announcements.

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Mmm.. you seem to be pursuing the same kind of strategy, really desparately reaching out for friends, and making a special effort to highlight the continuity and tradition of your alliance as if to make an argument that you're worth not being ground up like dog meat and thrown on the trash heap like a lot of people apparently want to do.

I don't think you're all that bad RIA. Hope things work out for the best.

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Even I grow tired of these misleading announcements...

Heh, congrats to the new members of RIA government, [color=#1C2837][size=2]brian and[/size][/color][color=#1C2837][size=2] rlrcstrnthusiast![/size][/color]

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[quote name='King Wally' timestamp='1322815752' post='2859251']
Sexy looking gov right there guys!

o/ RIA

PS - if i make the list does that mean i get that open bar tab now or what? :awesome:

But you already drank all the VB :((

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