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Rise of the Khmer

Captain Enema

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[b]New Cambodia[/b]


Front Page Article, Cambodian Herald Tribune

[quote]"Unlike the old Cambodia, with the history of genocide and corruption, the new Cambodia has a firm foundation for which to base a strong government. The United Federation Police and Intelligence services have ruthlessly cut the corrupt dying heart from old Cambodia, leaving us to fill it with something new and better.

"Some might claim this excessive, but I claim this as necessary. How can we Khmer expect to prosper with the shadows of the past clinging to our heels? The famine we suffered under the control of the UFE and the Meltdown we struggled with showed us that efficient governance is possible. It showed us that a rational organization an effectively deal with problems on a large scale.

"None the less, let it be known, we are not the lapdogs of the UFE. We consider them our neighbors, our friends, and most importantly, our teachers. The strong central governance we have inherited from the UFE will serve the Khmer people well.

Today we stand independent, we control our destiny, and we will once again walk amongst our neighboring nations as a peer. May the god's protect us."[/quote]

[b]Phenom Penh[/b]

"Motion to ratify our central charter is passed," Pol Suvah says quietly.

"Motion to affirm our respect and to grant the UFE most favored nation status is passed," Pol Suvah again says quietly.

"Motion to send an ambassador to both the Oceanic Union and to the UFE is passed," Pol Suvah once again affirms.

"Motion to begin a debate as to the status of the Cambodian Defense Force is affirmed," Pol Suvah concludes.

"Chairman Suvah, I respectfully wish to remind all in this chamber that we are not Korean. We do not act violently against our fellow members of Parliament. Our goal here is to have an informed and intelligent discussion. No fighting, no tear gas grenades, or other nonsense should ever be considered. Let us have this discussion, which I suspect will be a heated one, respectfully," Mr. Tranh states as he runs a hand through a full head of distinguished white hair.

"Affirmed!" the majority of the Parliament chants in support.

"Mr. Tranh brought an unique proposal to the table earlier. He suggested to us that rather than invest in a massive military structure we go a different route. Would the honorable Mr. Tranh elaborate?" Pol Suvah requests.

"I'd be happy to expand upon my ideas." Tranh says as he motions for an aide to set up a power point projector.

"First slide," he request and a map of Cambodia and the rest of South Asia comes up onto the screen. "You'll note our geographical borders." His fellow members of the Cambodian Parliament shift in their chairs as the debate to restructure the proposed Cambodian Defense Force begins.

After several days of heated debate an agreement is forged. It reads as follows:

The Cambodian Defense Force Charter

1) All male members of Cambodia between the ages of 18 and 45 are enrolled into the Cambodian Defense Force.

2) The Cambodian Defense Force is first and foremost a peacekeeping organization.

3) The Cambodian Defense Force must get permission from Parliament before acting in an offensive matter or be deployed outside of Cambodian borders.

4) The Cambodian Defense Force will consists of 100,000 Full Time employees. There will be a 16 week induction school to prepare the men and women of the CDF for their para-military roles.

5) The CDF will be responsible for the Civil Defense Corp, which consists of all males from 18 to 45 years of age. The CDF will conduct regular drills to keep the members of the CDC ready and able to deal with local emergencies.

[b]Press Conference[/b]


"The Cambodian people wish to take an alternative route in this world. Rather than massing an army we can little afford, we will invest in our people. We will invest in medical care. We will invest in building good relationships with our neighbors. We will defend ourselves if needed. We will not attack others. First and foremost is the preservation of Cambodian culture and our way of life, hence, our government is secondary to this goal.

"Prime Minister Pol Suvah wishes the world to know that Cambodia is a peaceful nation, interested only in existing in peace with our neighbors. Your quarrels with each other are of no real interest to us. As we do not export military equipment of any sort we do not expect to be embroiled in them unless directly attacked.

"Come as our friend and we will treat you as friends. The Prime Minister will now answer any questions you may have regarding this proud new nation of Cambodia."

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