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Black Death Fact Book

Kevin Kingswell

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First a quick note. This factbook is on my terrorist organisation and as such much of what is revealed below is secret to everyone apart from those who have encountered them. Also if anyone has any questions don't be afraid to PM me.

[center][b]The Black Death[/b][/center]
Aims and Goals:[/b]

Black Death exists purely to cause anarchy and chaos through out the world. They have no allegiance to any one ideal or political power, instead they will ally with anyone willing to take them as long as it lets them carry out their ideals. Currently their goals consist of breaking up the world power blocs and alliances into seperate nations thus giving the chance for chaos to grow.

[b]Important Personal[/b]

Kevin Kingswell:
The founder and leader of the Black Death organisation. Kevin Kingswell is a strange character, unlike many of the more well known terrorists and insane figures he is a slightly eccentric but does not show any true signs of insanity. Instead he has more of a cold and calculating persona and takes his time in working out risks and rewards for his operations and yet he is not afraid to show his ruthlessness and has already shown that he sees his forces as expendable when neccessary.

Viola Petrov:
Viola is Kevin's right hand woman, she is both his bodyguard and number one advisor. She takes it upon herself to ensure that Kevin is protected at all times as he is quite unable to defend himself as he has a weak body and can barely fire a gun properlly. She also gives him advice on military operations and is not afraid to point out any problems or impossibilities with his plans when neccessary.

Patrick Omar:
Lead scientist for the organisation. Omar is a middle eastern man who is quite the loner, he prefers to avoid any human interaction and instead spends many hours in either the laboratory at the headquarters or his private home on Islz Cruz. However, if he is forced into conversation he will gladly discuss his work or any subjects he finds interesting otherwise he attempts to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

[b]Important Locations[/b]

Islz Cruz Headquarters:
The organisation is headquartered on the island nation of Islz Cruz, this nation is small and has no pull across the world meaning many either don't know of its exsistance or just ignore it making it the perfect place for the group to work from. It also has allowed Kevin to purchase a number of businessess which provide funding for the group as well as in one case manufactoring ability all of which is hidden within the Islz Cruz system as legitimate business.

The actual headquarters complex has enough permament housing for four thousand combat personal, though at all times numbers are usually between five to six thousand soldiers as reserves are kept on base for training or teams are sent out or returning from missions. The base also has housing for its non combat personal though most of them live in the civilian centres on the island.

The base has two airstrips though they are positioned and camoflauged as best as possible to avoid detection from satelliates though it would probally not have any real effect thanks to most nations high technological levels. Three hangers are built into the side of the mountain the base is built around for extra protection for the aircraft and munitions.

The base has no port facilities and instead any equipment that needs to travel by boat is transported to the capital city's port and transported out that way.

[b]Military Personal and Equipment:[/b]

The soldiers use a mix of different weapons including assault rifles, light machine guns and light support weapons, such as 60mm mortar tubes. Anti-tank weapons are low tech devices such as the LAW and RPG's which are mostly ineffective against modern tanks however, they are still effective if they catch these tanks by surprise. Some high tech devices may be found on the base but they are too few to be used.

Vehicle wise Black Death possesses a couple of [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stryker"]Stryker Armoured Fighting Vehicles[/url] which are transported by cargo container and then by boat if they are required though two of them always stay on base for defensive purposes.

The organisation realises the importance of air power and as such their air fleet may be small but it is quite advanced. Their air power consists of twelve [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-22_Raptor"]F-22 Raptors [/url] which are kept inside their hangers though two of them are always kept prepared for immediate launch if any hostiles are detected by the base's radar system.

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