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A Wolfpack Declaration

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As long as I can remember, Wolfpack has held many constants. Our pride, our honor, and even our BFFs. For years we have followed our many mottos: We Fight As a Pack, HOWL, and many more. But there is one motto, understood by all and heard by none, that the pack has kept close to our hearts, until now. That motto, you may ask, shall be spoken now for the first time in public. For it is time for the pack to let it go.

[center]Two in the pink, one in the stink.[/center]
A simple phrase, one that we all know, and one that has meant so much for us at Wolfpack. As friends, as wolves, as an alliance. For us, it carried such a simple meaning. One that we could disagree with. Stick with the pink even though it may stink. But alas, we at Wolfpack have found the pink to be too dry, and the stink to be too much.

On this day, let it be known: Wolfpack has left the pink team, and we now declared that we have continued on to the brighter pastures on the white team. The color of snow is where we will go. Please, nobody pee in it.

Signed for Wolfpack:

Cookiemonster - Alpha
King Hassan - Beta
Edmundomcpot - Shaman
constablepotato - MOD

tldr: HOWL! Wolfpack is now on the White Team.

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