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Diplomatic Request To The Gulf Federation


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[center][size="5"]A Diplomatic Message From The Secretary of State of[/size]
[size="7"]The Republic of Texas[/size][/center]

From: Matt Damon: [b]Texas Secretary of State[/b]
To: [b]Gulf Federation Office of Foreign Affairs[/b]

Topic: [b]Regional Security[/b]



By request of President Gates, I would like to ask if the Gulf Federation would be open to making a short treaty on Regional Security for Texas, and The Federation. Would it be possible for me to come to Oklahoma City and speak with someone on this matter?

Thank you for the time.

Matt Damon
[b]Secretary of State of Texas[/b]

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To: Matt Damon: Texas Secretary of State
From: Gulf Federation Office of Foreign Affairs

Topic: Regional Security

We are open to discussing a short treaty. However you will need to elaborate as we feel that our current treaty covers most of the security aspects although we are willing to add to it if you have any specifics in mind. President Johnson will meet President Gates at the same venue of the Presidential Palace.

Minister for Foreign Affairs,
Steven Littlewood


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