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[color=green][size=4][u][i][b]From the office of the President[/b][/i][/u][/size][/color]


Nearly four years ago the New Pacific Order and associated allies inside and outside the Continuum entered in a war against the Green Protection Agency. The War on Peace was an unprecedented war of aggression over the most ancient and biggest neutral of that (and this) time. The Agency spent a month fighting the combined forces of the NPO and their allies, at the end of the conflict having to pay 70,000 tech, at the time the largest amount ever paid by an alliance as part of surrender terms.

Tonight, after nearly four years of rebuilding pointless infrastructure and of forging cordial relationships with pretty much everyone - well - tonight it is just another night, for us.

Desire of revenge is a concept alien to the culture of the GPA, it's a green-eyed monster begot upon itself, born on itself, which does mock the meat it feeds on. We want to be free, and we know we wouldn't be, if we remained prisoners of the past.
We didn't think of payback when our former adversaries were down and battered, surrounded by many enemies (twice), and we don't think of it now that the tide has changed. [b]Quite frankly, [i]we don't care[/i].[/b]

[center][size=4][color=green][b]The GPA hereby issues her [u]Declaration of Won't[/u] (enter into this war).[/b][/color][/size]
Simply put, as usual, no interest of ours is involved.[/center]

[center]Our [color=green][b]flowers[/b][/color] thrive for the day.

May Admin have mercy on your souls, or not, for we will be Neutral about His plans on you lot.

President of the GPA

[color=red][b]tl;dr: traditional GPA DoN etc.[/b][/color]

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[quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1322631168' post='2856535']
This has been the only good fake DoW.

I don't agree with this guy much, so when I do it's go to mean something.

This is the first fake DoW where something inside me actually sort of jumped... well played.

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