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Helsingin rakkaudella

Markus Wilding

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Mikael Koivunen had just gotten off the flight from Helsinki, and had settled into his embassy suite. As he began to make himself at home, a message came in on his answering machine. "Mikael Koivunen, we know you're making yourself comfortable, but don't get too comfortable. The French are expecting you, so do put your best suit on and meet them." Mikael sighed. A rather tall fellow, he didn't relish the idea of putting his suit back on. But, diplomacy had to be done, no matter the time or place, and most dignitaries cared very much if you had a suit on. Within the hour, he'd be meeting with the French, given full permission to sign anything in name of Finland.

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"Chairwoman Valentin?" Said one of the clerks serving at the Palais de l'Élysée as he knocked on Simone's door. "I apologize for disturbing you, but the Finnish Ambassador has arrived for his audience. Should I allow him entry?"

Simone glanced up and smiled. "Of course, I've been expecting him. Please, send him in."

The clerk would leave the hallway and return to the entrance of the Palace where Koivunen had been asked to wait. He was then guided through the winding galleries of the executive mansion towards the Salon D'Ore where Simone received her dignitaries and guests. As he entered the room, she stood up from her desk and offered her hand with a smile. "Comrade Koivunen, I presume. I'd like to welcome you to Paris, please forgive me that I was not able to greet you personally at the tarmac today, I have been dealing with pressing matters ever since my return from Siberia. Nevertheless I'm glad we could finally meet. We have a great deal to talk about and most important of those issues is the formalization of a friendship that Finland seems anxious to start, given your help in our Revolution. I can say that France is extremely grateful to your nation."

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"Comrade Valentin." Mikhail bowed slightly before sitting. He was in awe of the architecture of Valentin's office, a junior designer himself. "Do not apologize, Madame, we in Finland didn't expect much fanfare. The thought of helping another Communist state is enough for Part Boss Paatelainen." As he listened, he couldn't help but nod when it came to a Franco-Finnish friendship. "Indeed, Helsinki is anxious to formalize a friendship, with Sweden becoming increasingly belligerent. This is definitely a time when Finland needs allies."

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"And Kurland coming back into European politics, I'm not sure what their opinions are of our Revolutionary Governments, but if it is anything like their predecessors in Gothic Berlin, then we may indeed have a problem. At the moment, Norway is going through social changes of their own that may give rise to labor philosophies and a communal sense of citizen's rights. France is still trying to consolidate itself, and with the potential rebellion in Andorra this may present a problem in our abilities to influence the world beyond our borders. At least for the moment. That said, I do believe that Finland is an integral part to maintaining Leftist Thought in Europe and thus if Sweden our Kurland becomes openly belligerent to your people, France will be there."

She smiled and leaned over on her desk. "Recently, the Commune has signed a treaty with the Socialist Republic of Siberia, we would be interested in doing the same with Finland. Could you agree to a Mutual Defense with Optional Aggression Pact? If you can, I have a few other plans you might be interested, Comrade Ambassador."

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[size="5"][center]The People's Alliance of France and Finland[/center][/size]


In the benefit of our two cultures, the Commune of France and the People's Republic of Finland come together in which to build a friendship. Due to our similar ideologies and in that in order to maintain stability and control of our regimes and of continuation of Leftist Ideology in the world today, we come together to defend ourselves and spread our philosophies over the Earth.

[b]Article I: Sovereignty[/b]

In that the Commune of France and the People's Republic of Finland recognize each other as sovereign nations, independent and in Revolutionary Spirit free from the constraints of foreign powers. As such, neither signatory moves to influence or change the structure of power in these sovereign nations.

[b]Article II: Mutual Defense[/b]

Any declaration of war upon a member of either nation is considered an act of aggression to the undersigned member alliances. Peace will only be offered through mutual consent of the nations represented by the undersigned; and only accepted under the same terms.

[b]Article III: Optional Aggression[/b]

Neither nation is obliged to partake in assistance in offensive wars, all military or monetary support is strictly to be decided by each sovereign nation, yet both are encouraged to support each other when needed.

[b]Article IV: Espionage[/b]

Neither nation may directly participate in espionage of any type, regardless of situation and target on the fellow sovereign nation. If either one of the undersigning nations conducts espionage on the other signatory, this pact will be revoked immediately following a 24-hour truce. In line with Revolutionary Ideology, the spread of our beliefs through the underground is of course encouraged.

[b]Article V: Termination[/b]

This treaty shall only be terminated if either undersigned nation chooses to exit this treaty or if Article II is found to be violated by a member nation. If one of the undersigned chooses to terminate this pact, they must give five (5) days notice before the treaty is officially dissolved in which they remain fully bonded to the provisions contained therein.

[b]In conclusion:[/b]

The Undersigned do agree to respect and adhere to the Articles written above, both in the spirit and letter in which they are written.

For the Commune of France,

Simone Valentin
Chairwoman of the Revolutionary Party

For the People's Republic of Finland,[/i]

"I think you'll find this treaty acceptable."

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