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The Red Scare


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"[i]...and a light dusting of snow will occur in the mountians. To recap our top stories now, King Haakon VIII has officialy appointed Bjoern Arnesen as statsminister of Norway-Denmark. He will be sworn in tomorrow.[/i]"

Rune Akeleye muted the TV and turned to his guests. They were at the Akeleye estate just outside of Kristiansand, the most powerful nobles in the country had gathered there as had become customary after each election. "It seems that we now have a new statsminister. I can't imagine any of you being please with the resault." He took another puff of his cigar. "The question is gentlemen. What are we going to to about it?" The men assembled looked at each other. They all new something must be done. First the communists would come for their wealth - they all had considerable ammounts of it - and then they would come for their political power. They all new what was coming but they also new that they could stop it.

"Well, we'll kill them." Marius Bjelke piped up. "We have all have large [i]hirds[/i] (household guards) why not eliminate them. I mean, the king would surely back us up and Ingvar Bjarkøy controls the Armed Forces. We have to do something to remove them, and we can remove them perminantly."

"Your a fool if you think that will work." Baldur Benkestok retorted. "We can only remove them legaly if we dont want this crashing down on our heads. All we need to do, is black any proposle that they attempt to get passed through the Edleting. The king will be froced to dissolve the Storting and either of three thing will happen. One; the communists will be re-elected, in which case we simpily repeat this process. Two; another party is elected whos policies are much more favourable to us, in which case we continue on like we did before. Three; the king dissolves the storting and does not call for elections, in which case we wil be running the nation with the kings support. Either way it is a favourable out come, the people will soon learn that we will not tollerate a radical party and we will no longer have these problems."

"It seems like the right cause of action to me." Akeleye replied as the others murmerd approval. "So it is decided. We will work together to block legislation from passing into law, forcing the king to call for new elections. Gentlemen, I have a feeling that this will be a new age for our power and influence of this country."

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60 Days Later...

Bjoern Arnesen sat behind his desk in his Oslo home and pressed his fingers to his eyes. "Another defeat." Since he had been sworn in as statsminister, Norwegian-Danish Politics had come to a standstill. The major victory that the Worker's Party had enjoyed seemed to usher in a total change of how the kingdom was going to be run. Attention to the working class, redistribution of money from the aristocracy, perhaps even power striped from the monarchy. There was no telling what amount of reform could be enacted, but in two months the other parties had formed a massive coalition and all Leftist Reform had been soundly defeated. This of course did not bode well for those Red voters who had expected reform. The aristocracy continued to sit on their wealth, passing bills making sure that their fortress of by-laws and bureaucracy could not be scathed. Protesters in turn had taken to the street, mindful of the recent revolutions in Finland and in France and Bjoern now stood at a breaking point. Something would have to give, either the protesters or the aristocracy and judging by history, neither would budge all that quickly.

"Bjoern? Is everything alright?"

The Statsminster looked up at the voice as his wife, Nora, looked in at his study. "Everything's fine Nora, just a bit of stress, that's all."

"Things are getting worse, aren't they?"

"Nothing that I can't handle. Norway didn't free itself from the Goths just to fall into a pit of chaotic revolution. But I just can't say, it isn't time for reform. I'd be hanged."

She smiled sweetly and bowed her head, her soft face and soft flaxen hair brightening the room. "Don't trouble yourself too much, I'll be getting ready for bed. Do come in when you're ready."

"I'll be sure to." He said and watched her leave before turning on the television. The vision on the screen was maddening. Scores of protesters waving red banners in central Oslo, calling for...demanding reform by the government.

"Norway is behind because of the Monarchy!"

"Will you sacrifice advancement and progress for the needs of the few?"

"Norway! Equality! Freedom!"

Bjoern sighed and sat back on his chair. He would be unable to curtail the coming waves.

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"[i]His Majest the King, today announced that he has ordered the dissolution of the Storting and the dissmissal of the government after two months of political deadlock. This comes as police clash with hundreds of members of the NAP/DAP and the NKA-SAF protest in central Oslo and Copenhagen over a lack of legislation being passed by the government, and large ammounts being passed by the opposition.[/i]"

Rune Akeleye, Baldur Benkestok, Oskar Rømer, Tollak Galtung, Brynjar Kaas, Svein Rothe and Ragnvald Smør were being escorted through the Royal Palace. These were the men who now wielded true power in the kingdom and would for a long time to come, if they had thing their way. "Ah, gentlemen." Haakon said, closing his laptop. "Well, I will be brief. As you now, this morning I ordered the dissolution of the Storting pending elections, and I have also dismissed the Statsminister and the cabinet. What I need now, is for men to help me run the country until things on the streets calm down. You men ran the provisional government when the nation first formed, although you are- we all, are older now, I have faith that you can continue to run this nation to the high standard you did previously. Tomorrow you will all be sworn into your previous positions. You also have my support using whatever measures necessary to ensure that these protests don't get out of hand, which undoubtedly they will. That is all for now." The [i]jarls[/i] bowed as they left the kings office.

"Well Benkestok, it seems as though the plan has gone better than expected." Akeleye said lighting a cigar. "With any luck this wave of communist support will dwindle and everyone will simply get back in line, so let’s make sure that those elections never happen."

"Agreed." replied Benkestok. "I think that some power consolidating legislation is in order."

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[i]Finnish Army Headquarters, Helsinki, Finland
0804 hours, December 4th 20XX[/i]

Staff Sergeant Luhtanen walked down the halls of the Finnish Army HQ, his standard-issue boots echoing with every step. He made general greetings with some other sergeants and various secretaries before knocking on the door to Lt. Major Juho Rautiola's office, commander of the FSOPC. A command came through the door, and Luhtanen stepped inside, coming to attention.

"At ease, Sergeant. What is it?"

Luhtanen stepped forward and placed the papers on the Major's desk. "Reports from SATINT indicate a possible revolution in Norway. Their King has recently dismissed the Statsminister and dissolved the Storting."

Rautiola looked over the papers as he listened, taking in everything it noted, every detail. "Dare I ask why this relates to us, Staff Sergeant?"

"The Statsminister was Red, sir. He was democratically elected, and as it stands it appears the aristocrats are merely gaining more power. Riots from Red supporters are arising, clamoring for reform, sir."

The major nodded, putting the files away and folding his hands. "So, I assume these came from the Party Boss herself?"

"Indeed sir. She has ordered FSOPC to open up operations in Norway should the protests continue."

Rautiola closed his eyes and sighed briefly. For a few moments, he thought. "Find a place in northern Finland away from the Swedes and Norwegians so the 1st punainen kaarti and 1st valkoinen demonit can train for possible insertion." Luhtanen bowed and exited, looking to find both a team to examine the location and the people who could clear the area if need be. Meanwhile, Lt. Major Rautiola sent the following message to the commanders of the 1st punainen kaarti and valkoinen demonit.


Intelligence confirms riots in Norway-Denmark. Your respective divisions will relocate to north Finland and await further orders from FSOPC. Great care must be taken so as to not alert the Swedish and Norwegian armed forces of any hostile intent.

I order:
a) Move to defensive lines in Ranua and Simo effective 1000 tomorrow.
b) Prepare weapons for training exercises
c) Prepare troops for cold-weather and mountain warfare
d) Construct scenarios where troops are with little to no support fighting irregular forces
e) Await further deployment orders from FSOPC before taking any overt action[/quote]

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Since the dissolution of the Storting, the Norwegian-Danish Government had spiraled back ideologically hundreds of years. With no parliament and all matters of state placed back into the hands of the King and the Aristocracy to say that the country even had a semblance of democracy would have been a lie. People were mad, yes, but they were also afraid of the ramifications of openly attacking this new form of absolutism. At the center of this silent chaos stood Bjoern Arnesen who under intense pressure from the Storting resigned from his post as Statsminister. Now he found himself being led through the snow covered streets of Oslo by a junior party member, Henrik Braak.

"The two of us shouldn't be out like this, it's too dangerous Henrik. My home is already under surveillance, the police are probably already trailing us."

"And if they catch us, what would it matter? Prisoners in a jail or prisoners in our own homes. Its all the same to me." Said Henrik as he turned down a small back alley between an ancient beer hall whose windows had since faded having been caked with dust and frost. "I have someone I want you to meet. We're going to turn the tides of these protests. If the aristocracy thinks they can just force us under their foot and we won't fight back, they're naive. They're taking away our democracy Bjoern, what rights do we have left?"

Bjoern sighed and re-adjusted his hat and pulled his coat tighter across his throat. "Just tell me what's going on, Henrik."

The younger man stopped at a wooden door and knocked a couple of times. They waited a few moments with Bjoern tapping his foot growing more nervous and impatient with every passing second. Finally the sound of mumbling came from the other side of the door, it was barely understandable and Danish at that. But Henrik only knocked once more, very lightly, barely making a sound and the door opened up as a tall man with aquamarine eyes and blonde hair greeted the two Norwegians. "Olaf." Henrik smiled and nodded.

"Braak, it's good to see you and I see you brought along the Statsminister like we asked. It is a pleasure to meet you Comrade. Welcome to the Underground."

Before Bjoern could speak, Henrik pushed him inside as the Dane led both men down a set of stairs to wine cellar. Among the giant casks of wine stood a corroded wooden table and various figures, who Bjoern knew as members of the Workers Party, sat around it. At the end of the table an elderly man in a black trench coat smoked a cigarette and smiled when Bjoern appeared in the dim light.

"This is the Statsminister, I presume?" His French accent was strong as was the scent of tobacco on his clothes.

"I am, and yourself sir?" Said Bjeorn as he was shown to his seat on the other side of the table. "I'm curious to know how you've assembled such a curious cast of characters."

"Henri Valmont at your service, Statsminister. Captain Prefect in the French Ministry of Security, after watching the recent national news of Norway-Denmark, a few of your colleagues sent Paris the recent troubles and given that we are partners in our desire for Revolution, we've decided to intervene."

"Mister Valmont, is in charge of siphoning war material and funding to our own revolution here in Norway-Denmark, Statsminister." Said the Dane.

"France cannot supply soldiers as the Commune has her own troubles, but given your people have asked for help. We can spare what we can, outside support is always good. It is what overthrew the Parisian Lizards and it will overthrow your own monarchy."

Bjoern sighed and leaned back on his chair. "Gentlemen, don't you think this is all a bit radical? Overthrowing a system which has served us well for how many years?"

"And now we are falling back into near Nordic Reactionism." Said the Dane with fire in his voice. "We have lived too long with the aristocracy controlling all facets of life. I do not mean to be so passionate, Mister Arnesen, but tell me, have you ever lived as a Thrall? No rights whatsoever? A slave to a society that lived as though the Dark Ages had not ended? Physically abused for sport of the Valkyrie Class? To watch your language disappear, replaced by runic symbols. The literature of Andersen and other Danish Greats gone forever?"

Cheers ran up through the room as a supporter from Norway nodded. "A return to absolutism must not and cannot happen. We will take back our voice, Bjoern. Whether you are with us or not."

Henri smiled and took another drag of his cigarette. "We can put weapons into the hands of the most capable. Little bloodshed, clean, precise, action. The aristocracy will crumble from their own fear and if they do not then we expand our base. Civil War is the last alternative, a coup d'état is the favorable option."

"We only need your support, Bjoern." Said Henrik turning towards him. "To set everything in motion."

Bjoern closed his eyes and dropped his head. "Very well. We are traitors then. We will pay for it in the next life."

"No, Monsieur, the men who took away your freedom are the traitors. What we are doing is, in a word, saintly."

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"[i]As riots continue throughout the country, the cabinet has ordered the Home Guard to activate for civil unrest suppression duties. This comes as Rioting in Oslo, Copenhagen, Narvik and Trondheim escalates with the increased presence of members of the NKA-SAF, who are blamed by many for causing the rioting. King Haakon also issued a call for clam today amid news of the abdication of the Swedish monarchy. However, with no elections planned, it seems that rioting is set to continue until democracy is restored.[/i]"

"Ulf, were up, get that camera ready and turn that radio off." Rikard Nørup and Ulf Petersen sat in the car and watch the former Statsminister from the cold Oslo street. The two Internal Security Service agents had been ordered to watch Arnesen since the aristocracy was bought back into power.

"He's been in their for a while. Maby somethings wrong?" Ulf, the inexperanced off the two asked.

"Calm down Ulf." Rikard replied. "He may never emerge."

"It's just got me on edge you know? What are they plotting in there. They are up to something I can feel it."

Rikard had to scoff at that. "If their is one thing I have learnt in my time in the ISS, its that nothing is what you suspect it is. He's probly just going for a drink with a friend."


Oslo's main square was crowded to overflowing. The routes to government buildings and the palace had been sealed off by the police and military, APCs and razor wire and a wall of riot shields blocked the streets. It was the 2nd month of protests and thing were begining to get out of had. The worker's party supporters had grown more militant by the day and the protests were gaining support from the anarchists. The cabinet had decided that it was time to end this spate of civil unrest. Previous attempts of breakling up the crowed using tear gas and riot shields had been unsucessfull. Live ammunition had been authorised. Luitenant Johann Ulfricssen's platoon had been orderd to disperse the crowed. The platoon stood observing the aftermath of what they had just done. Many of the men were visibly shaken by the bodies, the dead and the wounded.

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7:57 PM, December 8th, 20XX[/i]
The report fell onto Major Rautiola's desk, causing him to stop writing. "What is this?" he asked, flipping through it's contents.

"SATINT from Norway, sir. The Norwegians massacred a Communist protest in Oslo's main square."

Major Rautiola sighed as he looked through the images. Innocent protestors, gunned down without a second thought...This sealed it. Finland would intervene. Placing the files into a cabinet, he gave a simple order.

"Send them in."

[i]Northern Finland
8:10 PM, December 8th, 20XX[/i]
[i]"Punainen kaarti, report to the airfield at once with full combat gear. Prepare for insertion into hostile zone. This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill."[/i]

"Yeah, not a drill." Cpl. Korkeaoja grumbled as he prepared his TKIV 85. "Didn't they say that the last few times too?"

SSgt. Viinikainen stuffed various gear into a pack as he replied, "Yeah, but this time it's serious. Didn't you hear about the riots in Norway?" The corporal shook his head no as he munched on a candy bar.

"Yeah, the Norwegians took down a protest medieval style - killed everyone protesting."

The corporal swallowed his bite, musing over this fact. After a while, the lieutenant came in and soon enough they were heading even further north, fully decked out in cold-weather/mountain gear. They'd wait a while before inserting via helicopter into the mountains of Norway.

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[i]Over the city of Tromsø
9:35 PM, December 10th, 20XX[/i]

Cpl. Korkeaoja checked the rounds in his TKIV 85 as the helicopter began to settle. Even with his arctic gear, he was freezing in the Norwegian cold. The lieutenant held a hand up, the signal to prepare for rappelling. Korkeaoka hooked up to the line and waited for SSgt. Viinikainen to hop out. He turned around and nodded to the corporal, then lifted his M76 before jumping out of the helicopter. Korkeaoja followed suit, landing in the soft snow below. They had landed in the mountains, and the cold stung at his cheeks. Putting his TKIV on his back, he dug out a scarf from his pack and quickly wrapped it around his face. Although it wasn't standard issue, Korkeaoja's captain tended to look the other way. As he finished wrapping the scarf, the lieutenant fell in behind him, silently ordering him forward. They would stalk through the mountains of Tromsø, finding a secluded spot to brief on their mission.

"Alright, listen up and don't ask questions. We're supporting Norwegian and Danish Communist revolutionaries, people whose party had been democratically elected. The rest of the brigade will be in once we secure a safe port for further operations. For now, we only have the valkoinen demonit to back us up, and there's only five thousand of them paradropping in, and ONLY once we secure an LZ. Let's secure this city, alright?"

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2135 hours,
December 10th, 20XX

903 Bataljon "Troms Infanteri", 4 Infanteri Regiment[/b]

Tromsø had been the quitetist city in Norway in the past weeks. The north was a stronghold of conservatism, and their had been few protests in Tromsø but like everywere soldiers prowled the streets. Major Tore Jacobson, commander of the 903 Bataljon sat in the battalion head quarters in the depot outside the city.
"[i]Eagle-Six, this is Hawk-Two-One.[/i]"

Whith a sigh, Tore picked up his radio. "This is Eagle-Six, go ahead Hawk-Two-One."

"[i]Sir, we are patroling around have unidentified Helicopters hovering over the city. I can't see any marking from my position, for now I have marksman watching them. Is the Luftfart Regiment conducting any operations here sir?[/i]"

"No, they souldn't be. I will have the Signals boys check in with HQ down in Oslo." Tore replied as he wrote down the report. "Keep watching them for now."

"[i]Ah, Eagle-Six? We have unidentified personnel rappelling out of the choppers. What should we do?[/i]"

"Remain in position for now. I am going to have a chat with high command, Eagle-Six out." $%&@. Tore though to himself has he sat his radio down and headed off the Signals building.

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[i]Mountains of Tromsø
9:40 PM, 20XX[/i]

"What do you see Corporal?" Korkeaoja lowered his scope, pointing towards the city. "Looks like a patrol here, and there. Thermal showed a group over there that hasn't moved in a while, probably watching the mountains." His captain, Hannuksela, took out a pair of night-vision binoculars and looked over the marksmen. After a brief moment, he waved to them. Placing the binoculars around his neck, he ordered Korkeaoja to follow him, and together they reunited with the other thirty men of the punainen kaarti, preparing their assault on the town. Before they could do that, though, they needed to cross the bridge leading to the city, and their cover would be provided by an 81mm mortar FSOPC had converted to be man-portable. A two-man team plus marksman would start launching mortars across the valley at precisely 10:00 PM.

OOC: White circles are punainen kaarti, blue square is their target for valkionen demonit LZ

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By Order of the Revolutionary Party[/b][/i][/size][/center]



The recent troubles in the Kingdom of Norway-Denmark have weighed heavy on the heart of France. Socialism as we know it has been at threat from the various reactionary powers of the world for sometime now. The regimes of the capitalists take root in South America, North America, and other continents across this great world of ours. Indeed, even Socialism itself has been scattered to the winds, representing various ideologies from Zeonism, to Hellenic Socialism, to our own Revolutionary form. Therefore, France must step up to place herself as a shining light for the world's Socialist nations. We must prove ourselves on the field of battle and in the halls of diplomacy. France must take up the banner of world Socialism and with our allies, keep this ideology safe from the reactionaries.

When forces that are hostile to socialism try to turn the development of some socialist country towards capitalism, it becomes not only a problem of the country concerned, but a common problem and concern of all socialist countries. France thus, reserves the right to intervene in Socialist nations to make sure that socialist voices are heard and respected. As in the case of Norway-Denmark, a vicious monarchy is once against stifling out the cries of the masses. These wrongs must be righted and thus. While currently engaged with a Rebellion, the Revolution must continue to grow.

Until a socialist government is established in Norway-Denmark; The Commune of France officially declares war on the Kingdom.

Simone Valentin
Chairwoman of the Revolutionary Party[/i]

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Louise was in Paris, visiting the various libraries when she heard of the Franch change of doctrine.

[b]To Mme. Valentin[/b]

"As it seems, France now acts not only to establish communism in France, but also to other nations. Norway-Denmark is a souvereign country and we see no legitimate reason for France's intervention into their matters. Therefor, Vicidalia shall condemn this new doctrine. Because, if France sees itself righteous on the conquest of a nation like Norway-Denmark, it may as well attack Vicidalia herself. As we aren't sure about France's intentions anymore, I will have to leave France, for I have to value my personal security.

With regards,

[i]Louise Françoise I de Vicidalia[/i]

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[url="http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/6/67/Admiral_Daala.jpg"]Commodore Regine Avenier[/url] walked across the bridge of the frigate Valance as she stared out at the blue expanse of the North Sea in front of her. Her flagship lay in the center of the Second French Fleet which had been given the task to see to victory of the second engagement the Commune found itself in during the Revolutionary Wars. The Kingdom of Norway-Denmark was going through the strife of Civil War and the Socialist Factions which had been silenced by the reigning aristocracy were trying to fight back to gain control of the entire Dual Kingdom. The People's Republic of Finland had already invaded in the north, as seen by French spy satellites, but it was necessary for France to intervene, thus adding another Socialist country to the map of Europe and advancing the Commune's goals to create a continent wide alliance of Socialist states. This new alliance, centered in France would include all of Socialist Scandinavia and place Revolutionary Socialist outside of the influence and power of states like Athens and the United Federation of the East. Regine was reminded by Chairwoman Valentin that defeat was not acceptable.

The Commodore had no intentions of defeat, however, and had poured over the various maps of Norway for days prior to sailing from Calais northward. The night before, she had spent finalizing her invasion with the commanders of the expeditionary force and finally believed the French force ready for combat. She commanded a fleet of three frigates, two vanguard amphibious assault carriers and a plethora of transport ships which would stay in the back of the invasion until a beach head could be secured on the Norwegian coast.

Sailing from Calais, Regine had no intention of wasting time on a long drawn out war. The campaign in Norway would be short, swift, and destructive. As such, her first goal was to sail the fleet up the Skagerrak and lay naval siege to the Kingdom's capital at Oslo meanwhile landing the expedition on the eastern and western sides of the city, while paratrooper transports dropped their payload in the capital itself. France had only declared war on the Dual Kingdom a few weeks ago and with the Finnish invasion of the north, along with the confusion of the civil war, if the capital could be taken it could spell quick defeat for the Reactionary Regime.

As the Second French Fleet sailed into the Skagerrak, the door to the bridge opened as a middle aged man in the white uniform of a French naval officer entered. "Commodore," he saluted. "We should arrive near the enemy capital in an hour or so. Do you want me to radio the air bases in Normandy to launch the bombers and fighters for our assault."

"That will be find Commander Jaillet, when we are in striking distance, wait for my command before assaulting the city. I want to make sure Aachard and Roeber have completely prepared their troops."

"Aye, Commodore." He said and turned to leave, before Regine stopped him.

"Commander, has our radar picked up any sign of Norwegian Naval Patrols?"

Jaillet shook his head, "Not that I'm aware of Ma'am. But if we do encounter the patrols?"

"If you see anything, have the planes on the [i]Victorine[/i] and the [i]Marianne[/i] sortie with them, if they know we're coming it still won't hurt the attack that much. The firepower from France should be enough to push the Norwegians out of the city."

"Aye, Ma'am."

Regine clicked her heels as she stared out into the fog of the strait. Beyond what her eyes could perceive the Norwegian coast and its capital waited for her.

Meanwhile a massive bombing squadron of Tu-160s, escorted by F-35s set out from their air bases in Normandy, they would flight over the Channel, avoiding entering into either German or Irish airspace. Then they would move towards Norwegian territory for their bombing run against the capital. If everything worked both the fleet and the air squadrons would arrive at the same time and launch their siege.

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[b]In Oslo[/b]

By now, Norwany and Denamrk had been torn appart by civil strife. The Communists and Anarchists had formed organised militias and begun to fight back against government troops, not that there was much resistance from the Hæren and the Home Guard. Mutiny was common umong both the officers and enlisted personnel with the majority of forces simpily refusing to fight the rebels. The main rebel forces were centred in Narvik, Tronsheim, Stavanger, Bergen, Kiel and Copenhagen, although there was scattered support throught the large towns in the countryside. Oslo and its surrounding towns remaind firmly in the hands of government loyalists. Any French naval assault on Oslofjord would face artillery and ground based Harpoon missile launchers. There were also Sirface-to-Air Missile and M167 Vulcan Air Defense System batteries. However, they would experiance no resistance, in fact welcomes, in the western cities and countryside.

[b]OOC: Markus, Sarah seems to have skiped ahead a bit in the timeline, lets just assume that your paratroopers landed sucessfully with minor casualties.[/b]

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[center][b][size="4"]Official Dispatch from the Union of Sweden[/size][/b]


"The People's Union of Sweden, given the political violence that has seemingly took over Scandinavia, cannot support the current government in Norway, the dissolution of the government after a free and fair election was tantamount to negating the people of the clear winner in their election. Thus, for the time being, Sweden will consider its defense pact with Norway-Denmark to be suspended temporarily, until the affairs of the nation can be sorted out. We will not be involving ourselves in a civil war due to deliberate actions by Norway's government that spawned them.

With any nations that are involving themselves in this conflict, we request you respect the, land, maritime, and aerial borders of the People's Union of Sweden. Intrusions on our borders will be dealt on a case-by-case basis, but are liable to face direct action in order to uphold our sovereignty."

[i]Christian Nyquist
Secretary General of the People's Commissariat[/i]

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Regine could only smile as the radio frequency tuned into cities like Copenhagen and Stavanger gave cries of welcome and support to the French Fleet as it sailed closer towards the fjord that led to the capital. However, as the fleet approached the entrance to the fjord, just out of range of the shore batteries, Regine ordered for anchors to be dropped and for the sortie to begin. She wouldn't risk trying to sail up towards the harbor, it would be a disaster, the ships would be sunk in the shallow water by the shore defenses. Instead, the French fleet and Naval Air Force would begin a bombardment of the shore batteries nearly Larvik and the coast of Halden. During this bombardment, the vanguard amphibious assault carriers would begin to make their way to both sides of the coast. From there, they would establish beach heads with naval and air support before the rest of the main French force would begin to land.

On the bridge of the [i]Valance[/i], the Commodore stared out towards the shore and the Norwegian batteries that had already open fired. "Monsieur Delarue."

"Orders, Commodore?"

"Tell Aachard and Roeber to ready their forces for the landing. Is the air support ready for sortie?"

"Aye, Commodore."

"Then lets given these Monarchist Loyalists a taste of the Red Navy. Open fire on the shore batteries."

"Aye, Commodore."

With the sound of ignition missiles streaked across the sky as they launched from the three frigates in the water. The Norwegian coast lit up in a beautiful, but deadly array of orange and yellows, while in addition to the missile barrage, the medium guns attached to the frigates open fired against the shore batteries in a chorus of explosions that echoed across the fjord. As the barrage occurred, the rest of the French force sprang into action. The two amphibious carriers began to move towards the opposite side of the bay before the fjord, heading to their respected eastern and western coasts. Naval Air Support launched from the carriers, began their sorties, engaging the shore defenses to help the incoming French soldiers gain the respected beach heads.

Out of the carriers, as they approached the shallow water of the beaches, the front bay doors dropped as the vanguard French force, soldiers in small hovercrafts and EFVs dropped into the water, skidding across the water towards the Norwegian coast. With any luck, they would encounter little to moderate losses in gaining the beach and the push to take what fortifications the Loyalists had scattered.

Regine paced across the bridge of the [i]Valance[/i] as the advance happened in front of her and clasped her hands behind her back waiting for the ash to clear.


Meanwhile a dark sky would descend over Oslo in the shape of the bombers and escort fighters which had left Normandy and Lille. They buzzed like mad bees as the escorts prepared themselves for any Norwegian opposition. As the Norwegians would surely launch defensive systems, the sky would light up like a thunderstorm, explosions popping around the bombers and fighter escorts. There would be various hits and many a French bomber would explode in the air with the screams of their crew as the fuselage dropped into the city and the surrounding countryside. However, many bombers would be able to lock onto Oslo's defensive structures firing their missile payloads, while others would zero in on manufacturing centers and other various points around the city.

As the cloud began to past Oslo, the city would be left flaming in the distance. Regine back on board her flagship only chuckled, everything was going as planned. She clicked on the radio to get in touch with the command centers in Copenhagen.

"Comrades, this is Commodore Regine Avenier, Commander of the French Expeditionary Force. We have begun our attack on Oslo and soon will be in control of the Loyalist capital. I beseech all of you to come out from your bases and help France and Finland retake your country. When it is done, we will help you set up a new government, a stable government, and you will join us in a glorious new age. An age of peace, prosperity, and freedom."

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As the bombardment began, the night sky over Oslo light up with tracer fire, flares and missiles. Rag tag militia and defecting troops moved into the towns outside Oslo to link up with landing French forces. It was time to end this oppression. at precisely 0000 hours, a message was sent out across the airways.

"[i]Soldiers of Norway and Denmark.

The time of this kingdom is at an end. The power that was taken to the people shall be returned to the people. Don't fight for slavery, fight for liberty! Fight to free the world! Do away with national barriers, do away with greed, do away with hate and intolorance! Do not die here and now for your leaders! Live to fight for mankind! Join us in the liberation of the people, of your people![/i]" (OOC: Thnank you Charlie Chaplin)

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[i]International Route E8
0523 hours, December 12th, 20XX[/i]

The 1st Red Armored Cavalry Regiment (RACR) had been rolling down Route E8 for some time now, breaching into Norway about fifteen minutes ago. Reports from the valkoinen demonit and punainen kaarti claimed they had secured the city of Tromsø. With the 10,000 men already rolling into Norway on their Patria AMVs, their numbers would add another seven thousand to the People's Expeditionary Force. A second wave of paratroopers would fly in at 0530 to ensure nobody tried to sabotage Finnish supply routes into Norway.

The sound of a radio crackling came in over Lt. Kankaanperä's headset. It was the major, letting the rest of the column know to turn left up ahead. They would meet up with the infantry at an intersection of route E6, the other road heading to Tromsø. After that, it was straight on 'till Narvik. If any subversive elements came up, the punainen kaarti would take care of them. The 1st RACR had the easy job of just rolling in and scaring any Loyalists into hiding.

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The night was cold as the French finally secured the beach heads on the parallel sides of the bay leading north to Oslo. Over the course of the afternoon and even into the lateness of the night the Revolutionary Army began to disembark under the cover of air and naval support. After close to half of the army had landed, Regine gave the order to begin the march north towards the capital, in the black of night, one could see the flames still climbing towards the sky many kilometers away. The Commodore herself had disembarked with the men, choosing to lead the land invasion herself along side the two expeditionary generals. With the frequencies the French were getting from across the western and southern regions, the country seemed ready to accept the socialist government and all that was needed was one more push to send the old regime crashing to the ground.

Landing in Larvik, Regine tightened her leather gloves as she walked the distance up a snowy hill where a jeep was waiting for her. General Roeber was already inside waiting as he snapped a salute. "Comrade, welcome to land. I hope that the change in terrain won't bother you too much."

Regine was instantly annoyed, given her rank she was in truth an equal to both Aachard and Roeber which was another reason why this invasion had to be a success. Both her and Commodore du Four were up for the potential promotion to Admiral and total commander of the French Navy, it was something she would rather die before passing up an opportunity. "I'm sure I'll be fine, Comrade General. Are the men ready to march? I trust that we'll be able to take Oslo by the afternoon. Weather permitting." She said looking up at the snow fall and pulling her frock coat tighter. "Though damn, it doesn't get this cold in Paris."

"We've have about twenty-five thousand men on each side of the bay ready to march, General Aachard just reported in not too long ago. Though we only have limited armor capabilities at the moment."

"Enough to attack?"

"Well our main battle tanks haven't been unloaded, both General Aachard and I believed that we would wait until morning to attack the capital. Don't you think you're being a bit over eager Comrade?"

"With the capital in flames and the Norwegians giving us their support? No, I think I'm moving right on schedule. I want the first columns moving up the roads north, now."

Roeber frowned angrily but nodded, "Yes Ma'am, I'll see what I can do." He jumped off the jeep and trudged through the snow while another officer, a Colonel walked up and saluted. "Commodore, a word, if I may?"

"Go on Colonel, what is it?"

"A few Norwegian supporters have been wandering into our camp under a flag of truce, they're armed and I've talked with several of them and they seem willing to join us in taking Oslo. Do you want me to do anything with them or disarm them."

"No, disarming won't be necessary. Instead, tell their commander that I would like them to fan out in the forests and fields beside the road. Cover the main line of French soldiers marching towards the capital. This way they'll no the terrain and we have no chance of being ambushed, at the first sign of trouble, you tell Roeber to hold the line and fan out, I don't want us suffering heavy casualties this close to the capital."

"Yes Commodore."

A half hour later, the first columns of French soldiers, reinforced by Norwegian supporters began to march north from Larvik, while another division of twenty-five thousand made the same moves on the eastern side of the Norwegian coast towards Oslo. Behind these vanguard attacks another fifty-thousand men were being unloaded from transport ships, while the order for a second sortie with Naval Air assets was being planned to give the infantry the final push to secure the capital.

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Oslo was final stronghld of the old regime but with the Revolutionaries and the French breaking down the door, King Haakon had announced his abdication. Oslo was in flames and too much blood had been spilt already. The King had ordered that the remaining loyal forces lay down their arms and allow the occupation of the city by French and Revolutionary forces. In the office of the prime minister, the old nobility that for the past four months ruled the nation with an iron fist were preparing to face thier doom.

"Well gentelmen, it seems our time has come to an end." Rune Akeleye said, finish his glass of scotch. "At least we did what was right. If the plebs wish to had this nation to the forces of communism then so be it. Within a few years, we will be toasted as heroes."

"Don't give us that !@#$. We choose our side, it was just the loosing side. We played the game and lost." Baldur Benkestok replied. "We will meet again in Helgafjell."


The cabinet would later be arrested and every member would be tried for war crimes. The remaining loyal froces were also arrested, but would later be released without charge, save a few who would also be tried for murder after the massacars in Oslo and Copenhagen. In Norwegian history, the conflict would be know as the [i]Frigjøring[/i], the liberation. When all was over, the National Revolutionary Council, a union of leaders from all revolutionary factions would convine and announce the dissolution of the Kingdom.

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The next morning, the vanguard forces commanded by Commodore Regine Avenier marched into the Norwegian capital with flags flying and music blaring. Hours before the French arrival, the King, Haakon had abdicated his throne which left Norway-Denmark without a government and with a divided country. This left it necessary for the Revolutionary Army to restore order and begin the necessary steps to bring Norway-Denmark into the larger fold of socialist states in Europe and in the world. As Regine's jeep pulled up to the palace in Oslo to receive the formal surrender of Monarchist forces, her heart soared with glee. They had done it, in little less than a year, France had gone from a weak nation, not even a regional power in Europe to carving its niche in Scandinavia and creating a reputation across the world. Here in Oslo, the Commune would embark on its quest to achieve world power status. It would be a great journey, one that the Commodore was sure to reshape the world.

After receiving the surrender, Regine appeared on the steps of the Royal palace, dwarfed by two French flags on either side of her podium.

"People of Norway. My fellow comrades,

Today marks the end of an era. With the collapse of the Norwegian monarchy, much of Europe has now thrown of the oppressive chains of monarchy. While we have seen the rise of mixed, termed Pink nations in super powers like Athens, Scandinavia has moved away from such mixture and instead has embraced what can only be termed as the evolution of Revolutionary Thought. France, together with our friends in Northern Europe shall embark together, though with our own independent fervor, in creating the world anew in line with the Revolutions happening in Sweden, in Norway, and those which have happened in Finland and France.

Now that we have pacified Oslo, with the authority of the Chairwoman of France's glorious Commune and the power of the military, I will take the reins of Norway until a stable government can be set up in fashion with the shared ideologies of Norwegian socialists. As Military Chancellor, I promise the people of Norway-Denmark there will be no fear of internal revolt, there will be no danger of foreign interference. France will protect you as we would protect our own countrymen. You are our brothers and our sisters and we will forever be a family.

Vive la France!

Vive le Norvège-Danemark!"

Immediately after her speech to the people of Norway-Denmark, Regine asked to meet with the interim union of leaders to begin working on a new government.

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People of the World, Comrades and Brothers in Arms!

Today, we the National Revolutionary Council, announce the dissolution of the Kingdom of Norway and Denmark. For the past four months, the people of this nation have fought against tyranny and oppression by the aristocracy. A democratically elected government was over thrown, and the people were left helpless. However, the proletariat soldered on against their oppressors, aided by comrades aboard in France and Finland, power was returned to the people. It is with great joy that we announce the formation of the Federation of Scandinavia. United by common beliefs and culture and a thirst for freedom, the people of Norway and Denmark will work together for the greater good.

Til Valhall!

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"1st RACR, come in over."

"This is 1st RACR, loud copy over."

"1st RACR, this is Finnish High Command, operational success in Norway achieved, return home with punainen kaarti and valkoinen demonit, then assume operational stance for Operation 7734, over."

"Loud copy FHC, 1st RACR is moving to position."

And just as fast as they had arrived, Finnish forces began heading back home. Their job was done.

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