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Cerddoriaeth, The New Welsh Liberal Democracy Of Free Art


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[i]They said we were, wrong. They said we were, immoral. We were the ones with visions and dreams. They just couldn't see our vision, so we left. We left our home land of Wales behind us. We created an artificial landmass for our utopia of science and art. Cerddoriaeth we are know known as. The word for "Music" in our native tongue.[/i]

After many centuries of being held back by close minded individuals, Cerddoriaethians were once the Welsh people of the land. They now live on a artificial land mass just south west of Britain, Having only a 100 Percent Welsh population. Nothing less. only pure blood Cymrians.

[i]People didn't have to come if they didn't want to. But they they are no longer seen as cymrians to us Cerddoriaethians [/i]

[b]A man in a green suit is sat at a desk. Watching over the new landmass from his tower in the center of the island[/b]

[i]Beautiful isn't it.[/i]


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