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A Declaration from AiD


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Today is a glorious day; the Alliance of International Defence has turned five years old.

When the founders of AiD boldly formed the alliance, they adopted a motto: Survival of the Adaptable. Over the years we have taken these words to heart - here we remain, still alive, against arguably greater odds.

AiD's story is comprised of many turbulent events and as much as our continued existence depended on the commitment of our members, we have been undoubtedly lucky. Very few Alliances make it this far and despite facing difficult times these last couple of years, we have survived. Although not always gracefully, we tirelessly remained loyal to our community, our friends and to the spirit of the Alliance.

Many things can be said about our past: we've both reveled in success and mourned in failure. Ultimately, what it all comes down to is that we have a history and culture we are proud of; our overall significance might be arguable, but our goals were never to be the biggest or the best. We've given a home to hundreds of people and allowed them to enjoy their time on Bob, and we're happy with what we've achieved.

And so here we are, despite all, celebrating our our fifth anniversary - and we owe it to everyone who's been a part of shaping our history, for better or worse, over these last five years.

So, thank you to all of those who have ever been involved with AiD and here's hoping for another five years.

The Board of Directors of the [url=www.cnaid.net]Alliance of International Defence[/url],
douglas1989r, Lord AJ, and katashimon13


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I had some very enjoyable and some very stressful times in AiD... and yet after the almost 5 years I've been involved you still have the hide to ask for my help!?! One day, I'll destroy you! :mad:

Nah, congrats guys. Good on you for lasting this long :wub:

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[quote name='AmbroseIV' timestamp='1322547355' post='2855636']
Did someone say "tuck"?

... and now I'm going to have nightmares tonight. Thanks.

I thought it was funny as hell. I did enjoy AiD's company back then. We did have some laughs. We're talking 4 years ago though.....how time flies and things change I guess. We'll always have Jeff.

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I blame kata. Clearly recent events were only because certain parties didn't want certain other parties to win, or conjure their magic to make kata's efforts appear...negative... :D

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