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Spice Has Been Spilled


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The East India Company has suddenly lost contact with several of our ships that were setting sail with spices for our friends in IRON. Observers have reported back that a large avalanche has since disrupted several of our trading lines, and there is no way to reach our fellow allies with the spice they have ordered.

In order to regain back our seas, and get rid of this bitter cold snow that actually struck hours before the warning came out that it was coming (See what I did there? :lol1:), the East India Company declares a state of war with Avalanche.

This is the first conflict we've had to face in our seas, we plan on enjoying it thoroughly.

[font="Palatino Linotype"]
Governor General: Rhizoctonia
Director General: DeathMerchant
Secretary General: Rasta[/font]

P.S. I know picture is not the greatest GFX....But you get the point

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