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Legends of Cybernations

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In the course of human history there are those that stand out in our minds as being memorable, fewer still who are heroes of their time, and fewer still who are legends. Their deeds are worthy to stand the test of time, and we share those tales with the next generations. I find myself asking if those same legends don't also help shape the history of the events that surround them. Very few remain that can say they fought in the 1st Great War, even fewer who can say they played a major role in the event. Since we seem to find ourselves in the grips of another global war, as a young man in this world with only a handful of experiences to call historical, even fewer that I can say I had a hand in, and none that I would say are worthy of legend, I ask the sages of our community to step forward and share, who are the legends of Cybernations and why?

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[quote name='Teddyyo' timestamp='1322398944' post='2853678']
Egore, the mind behind VE. Without VE, Bob would be fundamentally different today. Without Egore, there'd be no VE, or at the least, it would be very different than it turned out to be.
Can you detail the effects a lack of VE would have on the world?

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[quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1322400512' post='2853685']
Can you detail the effects a lack of VE would have on the world?
We wouldn't have been able to disband.

Oh, I mean not disband. We never disbanded. Ever. [i][b]Ever.[/b][/i]

And I'd have to go with Ivan, Sponge, and Archon. If any group of people changed the planet, it was those three.

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Roquentin, the god-king eternal. Umbrella wont be the alliance that it is now without Roq micro-managing every little thing in the alliance.
Natan or [`_`] as most of you know him.
Crymson, the face of TOP.
I'd say Ramirus Maximus too :P

Sure you can always throw in Ivan and Sponge, but c'mon none of these guys had a say in things as they went down in the last couple of years.

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[quote name='andyt2k' timestamp='1322410512' post='2853772']
New Reverie

Same as most people have mentioned but the reason everyone lists them is because it's true :)

I think the line between legend and infamous is very blurry here. Take it a step further maybe another description can be used, Famous, historical, influential, hall of fame, etc.

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