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High Expectations and Low Blows


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TO: United Federation of The East Government
FROM: Federation of Arctic Regions Government
SUBJ: Meeting
DATE: 11/26/11

President Varin would love to have establish a treaty between our two nations. We have attached a copy for you to read and sign if you'd like.

Espen Varin, President of The Federation of Arctic Regions[/i][/code]
[center][size="6"][color="#0000FF"]Arctic Moonlight on Asian Delights[/color][/size]
[u][b]ODAP between The Federation of Arctic Regions and The United Federation of the East[/b][/u][/center]

[size="4"][b]Article 1: Non-Aggression[/b][/size]
Both Federations will agree to never use aggressive actions toward the other in any way in the time of this treaty. Aggression includes but not limited to: Military, Physical, Psychological, Economic, Political, and Environmental attacks.

[size="4"][b]Article 2: Trade Regulation[/b][/size]
Trade between The Federations will not be taxed in a tariff manner. The taxes on imported goods from the other nation will be the same as if the product was bought in the nation it is coming into. Exports will not be taxed except for Shipping purposes.

[size="4"][b]Article 3: Optional Defense[/b][/size]
An attack on one nation is an insult to their allies, with this new alliance it is highly encouraged but not required to defend the other. Defense should not be thought through lightly, as it can make or break another nation.

[size="4"][b]Article 4: Optional Aggression[/b][/size]
We fight as one, we die as one. If the other signatory enters into a war and it is seen as "Aggressive" then the other signatory is highly encouraged to help out the other. It is not required but for the good of the friendship, it is recommended.

[size="4"][b]Article 5: Security and Royalties[/b][/size]
When one signatories government goes to meet another, they should be treaty as a highly classed and Royal person. It is not needed in all cases but helps the friendship bond more tightly.

[size="4"][b]Article 5: Cancellation[/b][/size]
Shall the friendship between the United Federation of the East, and The Federation of Arctic Regions dissipate then the treaty should be cancelled after a 48 hours notice is given to the other signatory.

[i]Signed by The Federation of Arctic Regions,

[b]President:[/b] Espen Vinter

[b]Leadership of Military Cabinet:[/b] August Oliversen
[b]Leadership of Political Cabinet:[/b] Simon Nielsen
[b]Leadership of Economic Cabinent:[/b] Gunnar Erickson
[b]Leadership of External Communications:[/b] Mona Jacobson
[b]Leadership of Tribal Communication:[/b] Hanna Baardsson

/s/ for the United Federation of the East,

Yuan Jia, August Imperator United Federation of the East[/i]


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