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So peaceful


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It was nine months ago the last big war happened. In that war, the New Pacific Order and New Polar Order both were severly mauled. They've never recovered from that. But on the flip side, with both of those alliances weakened and down in the alliance lists, there has been peace. Well, not complete peace of course. Little brush fire wars here and there, and individual fighting of course. But no huge conflicts or world wide blow ups. Is this because the instigators (or cause or source or whatever you want to argue) of the last three big wars (the NPO and NpO) are in such a position that if they try to start something they'll be soundly beat? Or is this a mere coincidence? I mean look and the New Polar Order. Once boosting 370+ members, now down to 268 (and it seems to slowly bleed a few people away every few weeks). New Pacific Order was once the powerhouse in the game. But their overall tech levels are still WAY below what they once had, all that tech burned away and wasted in wars.

Thoughts on this?

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