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An Official Announcement from PF


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[center][size="6"]A Declaration of Support by PF

Just a quick reminder, the Project Mayhem Accords still exist. I think it's probably abundantly clear that PF supports the war. :smug: This means that when our brothers in TOP need us, we're there.

Also Argent and OMFG love IRON so watch out.

[i]For OMFG
Killjoy, Chieftain
Calderone, Sachem
Greg23, Pathfinder Tohunga
Lord Panis Rahl, Pochtecatl Tohunga
Jedaye DaGeordie, Drunken Elder

For the Grämlins
LiquidMercury, Praetor
Sakura, Executor
Masterbake, Judicator

For the Basketball Ninjas,
Jack Shepard, President of Basketball Operations
Front Office - BN Ministry[/i]

[/i][i]For Argent
Janax, Emperor
Rustynail, Regent
Poobah, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Diomede, Minister of Finance
Mgregory, Minister of War
Trimm, Minister at Large
HeroicDisaster, Minister of Internal Affairs[/i]

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Top Posters In This Topic

It'd been, like, an hour since a PF alliance announced something, and that had to be corrected.

Also, though Poobah neglected to mention it, TOP will in fact be supporting TOP in this matter, if they are called upon.

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[quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1322290980' post='2852014']
I heard Greg23 is a spy and/or a leak.
Seriously, that guy needs to stop leaking all of our secrets.

He even leaked the dos!!!

Also, OMFG needed another thread.

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[quote name='Schad' timestamp='1322290952' post='2852013']
It'd been, like, an hour since a PF alliance announced something, and that had to be corrected.

Also, though Poobah neglected to mention it, TOP will in fact be supporting TOP in this matter, if they are called upon.

Won't TOP have to vote on it first? :P

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I was just sitting here wondering... I wonder who's side PF is going to be on. I bet they're really having to sweat this one!

Good luck on taking out whoever counters IRON/TOP.

[quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1322290980' post='2852014']
I heard Greg23 is a spy and/or a leak.

Completely true.

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[quote name='bcortell' timestamp='1322291306' post='2852030']
[center][size="4"][b]Official Announcement from bcortell[/b][/size][/center]

I support this.

I declare my support for your declaration of suck.

Also, <3 TOP and IRON.

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[color="#000080"][font="Palatino Linotype"][center][size="6"]The Schattenmann Prophesies[/size]
[size="4"]Three Month Revisit[/size][/center][/font][/color]
[quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1311884467' post='2766361']
Yeah, thanks for answering my question; with all this Polaris crap I was curious as to whether Polaris has been plotting against TOP or if TOP is hellbent on the 3rd Polaris curbstomp in 3 years now that they finally hitched their wagons to more ambitious alliances [i]again.[/i]

If PF is to be one more vehicle for 4-yr-old grudgematches then whoopdy-doo. Congrats to Grämlins for allowing yourselves to be enlisted in other people's crap again, too bad for tainting yourselves Basketball Ninjas, merge into TOP Argent, and why go to the trouble TOP when DH would gladly have done it and saved the trouble of a new bloc. The first impression is the one that counts and frankly I'm underwhelmed. I see no definition for existence except TOP and TOP's extra-PF allies hooting about NpO[i] again[/i], and a bunch of other cool yet unremarkable alliances allowing thimselves to be co-opted. One can only hope that Grämlins' sense of honor is once again a thorn in the side of their more cro-magnon allies.

We've done 2008. Give me something new. The Cult of Justitia could roll Polaris, it's not an accomplishment.
[quote name='Believland' timestamp='1311885450' post='2766378']
My friend, you're so wrong on so many levels.

First, Timber will always be a Paradoxian :colbert:

Second, We demolished Polaris once and dropped it. We never saw them as an enemy again until recent after they back stabbed us. We actually got over the fact that they were once our enemies and invited them over to an AtF on our forums. That Q&A went very well and we actually gained a lot of new found respect for Polaris. Enough respect to trust Polaris in BPW, which they proved that they can't be trusted. We never had the problem, they did. Our response to that will be karma and if Polaris are men of honour (doubt it) then they will drop it or they will sneak in the dark like the sniveling !@#$%*es that they are.

Prostate Failure isn't a roll polar bloc, it's a bloc that's been built on friendship over the years. And if you don't think so, then you're wrong.

[quote name='janax' timestamp='1311894280' post='2766460']
Oh Schat...shows how little you know us, truly. While I like those TOP peeps, there's no way Argent is compatible for the most part. Plus I'd never be in the same alliance as Blue. If they let us ZI Calzone, maybe OMFG would be an option, Umbrella would have a chance if they shared some of that Goon tech. Never a TOP with that Blue guy though.

Will NpO get punched in the sack? Likely. Would it be best to be during the course of an existing war? Assuredly. Is it fun to bait Grub? Definitely. We know he'll rise to the occasion, and it's always good to generate a little rivalry. We get bored hating most of you from our ivory tower, sometimes you have to outright proclaim the dislike. Plus, I like to hope that some of the few alliances I don't dislike, like STA, manage to extricate themselves from the tracks before the train comes through. They deserve better. (except Lakerzz)

This isn't TOP and Friends. It's just Friends.

[quote name='Crymson' timestamp='1311894953' post='2766470']
Good old Schattenman... anything to be noticed. Whether it takes flip-flopping, screaming about subjective morality or making up charges that hardly carry any sense at all, we can count to make every effort to attract attention to yourself.

[quote name='eyriq' timestamp='1311896835' post='2766484']
Interesting thoughts Schatt. At the heart of it this bloc aims to be a synthesis of each AA's passions and agendas. Or in other words, an armadillo flying on a platypus with freaking light sabers and a dragon wings.

[quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1311951244' post='2766960']
One thing I know I can like about PF is that with eyriq, Bob, beazy, and a few others I'm assured of posts like this that respond to my [i]ideas[/i] rather than my person . . . I do feel bad in retrospect that I came across as taking a big, cantankerous dump on PF, but my initial thoughts were based entirely on the sudden cascade of "look out Polaris" crap.
My point is that, for the most part, the only alliance in PF with a clear "passion" or "agenda" (as eyriq alluded to) is TOP, and that is "revenge" on Polaris (TOP can call it revenge, but I fail to see how making bad decisions for yourself in the middle of a war warrants revenge)--this is a global ambition. The rest of you seem content to be good at what you do: building strong nations and strong, cohesive alliances--introspective ambitions. With that situation, it will be very easy for TOP's passions and agendas to become PF's. A bloc is a world-stage entity, and TOP is the only PF AA with a clear world-stage agenda. Some of you will understand what I mean, some of you will start making retarded lapdog jokes.

People that claim that are being alarmist extremists. However, it cannot be ignored that PF must either leave TOP high and dry if TOP goes to war alongside MK, divide itself with soem support followed by the rest being dragged in given sufficient counters, or simply go all out from day one. Or, TOP must subjugate its pre-PF treaties to its new PF foreign policy.

[quote name='Feanor Noldorin' timestamp='1311958239' post='2767029']
I can understand why the Unholy Alliance gets alot of attention when it comes to this but the same situtation can be said of our alliance to IRON or Argent's treaty with Umbrella. Infact this very situtation happens in every bloc so it isn't unquie to PF. You know this. Nevertheless we've all learned from past mistakes (TOP especially) and discussed them extensively so don't expect to see a fractured bloc but rather one which is unified in its intent and direction when it comes to foriegn affairs.

The revolution continues to grow.

[quote name='Believland' timestamp='1311961377' post='2767055']
Polaris is fun to **** with. Especially when you draw some hard ass reactions out of Grub even though you know he snitched like a ***** to MK in BPW. Also, if you give someone your word then you better try your hardest to fulfill your commitment and not **** over the person who just put their faith in you. But we'll just have to agree to disagree. This isn't TOP's bloc. This is Pillowfort. Each alliance carries equal power in this bloc. This is PF and not TOP+.

[quote name='eyriq' timestamp='1311962811' post='2767074']
Flattery will work every time, Schatt. ;)

Pretty much everything is abstract at this stage anyway, so while each alliance brings something different to the table it is way to early so say how it will play out in concrete steps. Though the guide for dealing with feelings of betrayal is pretty simple... :nuke:

[quote name='LiquidMercury' timestamp='1311995595' post='2767410']

I think you are mistaken as to what this bloc is, what it's going to do, and in what manner it might approach things. To be quite honest, I think TOP, Gre, and Argent in particular learned a lot from our experiences within Citadel, what worked for a bloc, what didn't, how to assuage the decisions of some alliance versus the good of the bloc and various other intricacies that most undoubtedly will be presented at some point in time. While I do not consider Citadel to be a failed experiment, it did indeed allow us to become who we are today, through mistakes made, and define what each and every one of us defines as our policies regarding blocs and how to act. I think you might be pleasantly surprised at how things will all turn out. As the saying goes, "please Gre, don't betray TOP!" I believe our independent thought processes, not just as a bloc, but as individual alliances, and individual people will allow us to move forward in a way that is agreeable to all of us in the bloc, not simply being the whipping boy of any one alliance. I can say without a doubt that the major point for us as a group was bloc supremacy and doing things unanimously.

Edited by Schattenmann
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