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A Joint Announcement from TORN and BAPS

Shayne Rivai

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[size="5"][center][color="#FF0000"][b][center]Declaration of Support[/center][/b][/color][/center][/size]

The Order of Righteous Nations and the Boards Alliance of Protectorate States stand behind our Duckrollian comrades in the Independent Republic of Orange Nations and our friends in The Order of the Paradox in their conflict against the New Polar Order. This declaration can and will be upgraded to a declaration of war should this conflict escalate beyond the ongoing hostilities. That is all.

Happy Hunting!

[center][i]Signed for The Order of Righteous Nations[/i]

His Royal Thickness, ThickFührer
Shayne Rivai, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
SinisterCanuck, Triumvir of War
StevieG, Triumvir of Internal Affairs
AddictedAffliction & remenant, Representatives

[i]Signed for Boards Alliance of Protectorate States[/i]

Inquitus - Triumvir
EmperorBadger - Triumvir
Topgun0820 - Triumvir[/center]

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