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A common goal


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With Sostra holdings nearly completely absorbed into the Transitional Republic, the message was forwarded to the Speaker, who just so happened to be the former CEO of the company.
Having expected this request, Laura Leclerc soon was in a government aircraft en route to Neo Roma, to represent Guyana.

OOC: Skip to meeting if you like.

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Gaius welcomed Laura Leclerc to his office "welcome Mrs. Leclerc, as you most likely expected I have called you here to discuss a potential treaty between our nations, as the first two to have formed in South America after the assisted collapse of the HAE"

Gaius tried to make his tablet display a copy of the proposed treaty but quickly became frustrated and tossed it aside, instead he went to the door and shouted for his secretary to bring in a copy.

Article 1:
Both nations pledge to respect the others sovereignty and not engage in acts that would compromise said sovereignty.

Article 2:
An attack on one member is to be viewed as an attack on the other as well.

Article 3:
Should one member engage in an offensive conflict they may request the assistance of the other but the requested is under no obligation to assist in the offensive conflict.

OOC: Running on 4 hours sleep and it is 1am so I am keeping it short, feel free to add stuff.

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Laura nodded at Atilia. "I'm happy to be here."
With a smile, she went to reading the treaty after it was brought forward to her. "Ah.. If you don't mind, I would like to make a few small changes."
It didn't take long, and Laura had finished the draft of her proposal.

[b]Article I[/b] - On [i]Sovereignty[/i]
The signatories of this pact recognize the Sovereignty and territorial integrity of the each other. Under this Agreement, the signatory nations shall not invade, claim, or otherwise compromise the other's Sovereignty.

[b]Article II[/b] - On [i]Security[/i]
Should any signatory receive information which could be considered important to the other signatory, they are obliged to share this information with said signatory.

[b]Article III[/b] - On [i]War[/i]
An act of aggression by any nation on one of the signatories is an act of aggression against the other. Should such an act of aggression occur, each signatory is required to provide assistance to the other. In the event of a signatory initiating an aggressive war themselves, the other party may be asked to assist but is not obliged to.

[b]Article IV[/b] - On [i]Technological Advancement[/i]
A better world through technology is a belief shared by all signatories of this document. In spirit of this belief signatory parties agree to assist eachother, where appropriate in the development and advancement of technologies, at their individual discretion. A public forum for technology may be established to enable the free sharing and development of ideas between the peoples of both nations.

[b]Article V[/b] - On [i]Separation[/i]
Should a signatory feel that it is necessary to cancel this pact, they are required to notify the other signatory through private channels at least 72 hours before the cancellation is enforced.

Handing the new draft to Gaius, she asked, "What do you say?"

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"Thank you. You can let some lawyers have a look at it if you'd like, but this is a standard treaty we've signed with two other nations, so I doubt there is something objectionable in it.
That said.."
Laura then proceeded to sign the treaty.

[b]Signed for the Transitional Republic of Guyana, [/b]
Laura Leclerc, [i]Speaker of the Republic[/i]

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"And thus it is done. I thank you very much for your hospitality, my friend, thuogh I must now depart again. There is much work to be done in Guyana; A nation doesn't rebuilt itself, as you surely know." She smiles.
"Should you require any sort of help, just ask. I will try and provide whatever I can. And perhaps I'll see you as visitor in Guyana one day?"
The woman offered Atilia a hand to shake.

After this, the meeting was concluded, the mutual defense and optional aggression pact in force henceforth.

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