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Winter Weather Advisory on Tribal Reservations


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[center][img]http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b333/calderone01/OMFG3-1-2.png[/img][img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/4/4d/TIO.png [/img]

[u]The Tribe Activates the Imperial Haka Treaty[/u][/center]

Since my joining of OMFG, I have had the pleasure of introducing TIO to OMFG. For months both of our alliances have grown closer together. With this I present to you our new treaty with The Imperial Order.

[center][quote]The Tribe Activates the Imperial Haka Treaty

Article I - Non-Aggression

Both signatories recognize and respect the sovereignty of each other and neither shall take part in military, espionage, or diplomatic aggression against each other. Should any issue arise it shall be handled diplomatically and in private.

Article II - Teamwork

Both signatories will work together including but not limited to helping with technical information, mutually beneficial trading, organizational assistance and diplomatic support. Either signatory may request financial aid at any time which must be made to the head of the alliance. Aid is not obligated but friends help friends when needed.

Article III - Intelligence

Should either signatory possess any information regarding pertinent information to the other signatory they are required to pass the information to the government of said signatory immediately.

Article IV - Optional Defense

Should either signatory alliance come under attack by a third party alliance, the other signatory alliance is strongly encouraged but not required to assist them militarily. Should either signatory engage in aggressive attacks that lead to a declaration of war against them, or honor a third party treaty that leads to a declaration of war upon them, then the other signatory's obligation in this article will be considered void. However the decision to enter may still be chosen at the other alliance's discretion.

Article V - Optional Aggression

Should either signatory alliance decide to take aggressive action against a third party alliance, the other signatory alliance is strongly encouraged but not required to assist them militarily.

Article VI- Treaty Review

This treaty shall face a mandatory review after 3 90 days time during which joint approval must be given to maintain current level and status of agreement, or upgrade to a level of higher value. Termination may also be agreed upon by following Article VII rules.

Article VII- Termination

Should the two sides be unable to resolve their differences diplomatically, this pact may be terminated by either party after giving 36 hours notice to the other, followed by a 7 day period of non-aggressive Haka.

Signed for Ordinary Men Fighting Giants,
[i][b]Kill Joy[/b][/i], Chieftain
[i][b]Calderone[/b][/i], Sachem
[i][b]Greg23[/b][/i], Pathfinder Tohunga
[i][b]Lord Panis Rahl[/b][/i], Pochtecatl Tohunga
[i][b]Jedaye DaGeordie[/b][/i], Drunken Elder

Signed for The Imperial Order,
[i][b]Scorponok[/b][/i], Imperial High Commander
[i][b]Stagger Lee[/b][/i], Exterior Commander
[b][i]HRH King Raymond II[/i][/b], Internal Commander
[i][b]Kahlan Rahl[/b][/i], Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs
[b][i]Dark Temptation[/i][/b], Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs
[b][i]Apocalypsse[/i][/b], Imperial Officer of Defense
[b][i]Partisan[/i][/b], Imperial Officer of Finance
[b][i]Empeyrus[/i][/b], Imperial Officer of Membership Affairs[/center][/quote]

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[quote name='Yevgeni Luchenkov' timestamp='1322272557' post='2851286']
At this point, just make announcements for the alliances you're not going to be signing with.

Also hail brothers.

This really is too much exposure.

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[quote name='deathcat' timestamp='1322272532' post='2851284']
This announcement needs more Neo!

Also congrats!


Hey there DC, sadly this Brave is no longer amongst the living on Bob. We've recently called of the search parties which began nearly two months ago after he went missing on a return from a scouting expedition.

Glad to see this made official TIO, you've been a great group to get to know and work with o/

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