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Snafu, Nac Are Finally United


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Snafu - Nac Are Finally United



This treaty shall serve as an Optional Defence and Optional Aggression Pact between the alliances of SNAFU and The North American Confederacy. It is also a symbol of the increasing strength and mutual co-operation on the purple sphere.

Article I: Sovereignty

Both signatories agree that they will in no way impeach on the sovereignty of the other, they realise they are both independent entities working together for the benefit of both alliances.

Article II: Peace

Both signatories agree that no war, espionage or any other act of aggression shall occur against one another and if it should, the matter will be dealt with appropriately using the correct channels.

Article III: Intelligence

In the event that one signatory gains intelligence that could be considered important to the security and/or privacy of the other, they must share said intelligence to the proper officials of the alliance without delay.

Article IV: Optional Defence

In the event that either signatory finds themselves under an attack from an outside alliance, they may request assistance from the other using the proper channels. Assistance is not guaranteed and shall be requested rather than expected.

Article V: Optional Aggression

In the event that one signatory initiates a conflict with another alliance, they may request assistance in their assault from the other using the proper channels. Assistance is still not guaranteed and shall be requested rather than expected.

Article VI: Economy

Each signatory agrees to continue trading and dealing tech with one another and recognizes the other signatory as a priority economic partner.

Article VII: Termination

At any time, either signatory may cancel this Pact for any reason. Once notice is given through proper diplomatic channels, a Seventy-Two (72) hour grace period will be in effect in which this treaty will remain active.

Signed for SNAFU:
Grand Fubar: -Stetson76
Power Behind the Throne: -Madam Cavi

Inhouse Leader: -Thoughberry
Out House Leader: -Joe32320

Director of Alliance Relations: -eXcessium
Director of Illicit Affairs: -Decrepdsol
Director of Making Nations Rich: -Warmongrel
Director of Damage Control: -Lord6Dread

Signed for The North American Confederacy:
-- Rattlehead (aka Hellbilly)
-- Shavar
-- Thom98

Secretary of Defense: -- Commander Ferreday
Secretary of the Interior -- CommanderX

Government Advisors:
-- Advena

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