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Greetings Robbo79,

First welcome to the CN Community ! Some alliances are more generous then others when it comes to aid. However a great way to earn money for your nations development is by participating in tech deals. If you do several tech deals a month doing a 3million/100tech deal, you can make a good 1.5 million in profit for each tech deal. I strongly would recommend this, as its better for your nation in the long run, rather then one of us sending you aid once. If your looking for an alliance, consider joining The German Empire, you can find us a www.tgecn.com , we will help you get your nation developed by getting you some good long term tech deals, and a stable trade circle. We also have a Economic Boost Program going on, that when you are finished can get your nation up to the 3,000 Infrastructure mark.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message !

President Orff

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