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A greeting to the world from the Grand Principality

Evangeline Anovilis

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[size="6"][center][b][font="Palatino Linotype"]Declaration of Existence[/font][/b][/center][/size]



Today, the[i] États généraux de Vicidalia[/i] met in the capital city of [i]Charlottenbourg[/i] to proclaim the [b]Grand-Principauté de Vicidalia[/b], a state for the honest and joyful people, people seeking the truth and a peaceful live, the people of Vicidalia. As the head of State, [i]Louise Françoise I de Vicidalia[/i] ascended to the throne, hopefully leading our community into a new age in which we can live as an independent country, prospering and growing stronger.

Altough still young, her Majesty will have to prove great skill and determination to reign over her vast estates, but Vicidalia's population has faith in her and the États généraux, consisting out of the four different classes: the Aristocracy, the Townspeople, the Military and the Farmers.

Though we are no longer Guyanas protectorate, we still hope to get friendly relations up, with them, as well as with other nations of the region. May there be peace, progress and prosperity.


[i]Jean Colbert, Comte d'Amacure[/i]
Herald of the State


[quote]Aujourd'hui, les [i]états généraux de Vicidalia[/i] convoquées dans la capitale de [i]Charlottenbourg[/i] à proclamer [b]la Grand-Principauté de Vicidalia[/b], un Etat pour le peuple honnête et joyeux, les gens cherchent la vérité et un live pacifique, le peuple de Vicidalia. Comme le chef de l'Etat, [i]Louise Françoise I de Vicidalia[/i] a monté sur le trône, j'espère leader de notre communauté dans un nouvel âge dans lequel nous pouvons vivre comme un pays indépendant, prospère et en croissance forte.

Bien qu'encore jeune, sa majesté aura à prouver une grande habileté et de détermination à régner sa propriétés vastes, mais la population vicidalienne a foi en elle et les États généraux, composé des quatre classes différentes: l'aristocratie, les citadins, les militaires et les paysans.

Bien que nous ne sommes plus un protectorat de Guyane, nous avons encore l'espoir d'obtenir des relations amicales avec Guyane, ainsi qu'avec les autres nations de la région. Peut-il y avoir paix, de progrès et de prospérité.

signé par

[i]Jean Colbert, Comte d'Amacure[/i][/quote]

OOC: Don't hang me for spelling or grammar errors.

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"The Kingdom of New Portugal congratulates the people of the Grand Principality of Vicidalia on rising up from the ashes of the Holy American Empire. We wish you well on the international stage, and you are welcome to establish an Embassy in our capital, Nadrink."

- Tyler Moeller, Minister of External Affairs

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"New Spain wishes to congratulate the Grand Principality of Vicidalia on it's existence and extends full recognition to it. Furthermore we are of course excited to see more powers entering the world stage once more."

-His Majesty the King of New Spain, Enrique Bourbon

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"Vicidalia is overjoyed seeing all these friendly messages from other nations following its founding. We thank all these nations and promise to do our best to help in stabilising the region."
[i]Jean Colbert, Comte d'Amacure[/i]
Herald of the State

[quote name='Sarah Tintagyl' timestamp='1322254108' post='2851115']
"The Paris Commune, while in a state of Civil Unrest offers her hand in friendship to the Grand Principality and the hope of immediate alliance between our brothers and sisters across the Ocean."
-Simone Valentin, Party Leader of the Paris Commune

[b]To:[/b] The Paris Commune
[b]From:[/b] The Principal Palace of Charlottenbourg

Altough we appreciate the gesture, we cannot accept an alliance offer from the Paris Commune. Our people are separated by an ocean and the lack of a navy is preventing us from being able to project any of our power to the French region. It is therefor not possible to help the Commune in any struggles, as long as they are not on this continent.

However, I suppose the Communist Party of Vicidalia with it's internationalist ideology may send some support. This is all Vicidalia can do for the Commune in her struggles, neutrality appears to us to be the best policy in this.

With regards,
[i]Louise Françoise de Vicidalia[/i]
Grand Princess of Vicidalia

[b]Unknown to the public:[/b]

Louise was relived upon sealing the communique and handing it to one of her servants. She didn't even know why the Commune contacted Vicidalia about this matter. Altough born in Vicidalia, the greater part of the population, and almost all of the nobility, was of french ancestry, so solidarity with France was a matter of honor. However, it didn't change the fact that this was a communist uprising, overthrowing a monarchist regime. And it wouldn't help the Principality to help others fall to communism, if it could give indirect support to the country's own communist cause, threatening Vicidalias legitimate Grand Princess, Louise herself.

Edit: found a typo

Edited by Evangeline Anovilis
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