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Oceania Awaits


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I am an officer of the Minitrue Thought Police, my job is to inform you and convert you to the loving embrace of our Big brother and our way of life.

Oceania is a developing red sphere community, we DoE'd into bob on September 1st 2011, Since then we have have been moving along steadily without decrees and enjoying our proletarian lives under the rule of Big brother.


To name a few here are some of the benefits of being a proletarian in Oceania, this includes but isn't limited to defense from our enemies in Eurasia, Financial rations to assist in everyday life, the finest literature and entertainment from our Ministry of truth, an active community.

In Oceania we will always have jobs readily available to the masses, for this is the strength of Big Brother, we do not let our beloved proletarians to sit idly by while we are within inches from victory with our enemies, we have four institutions for you to choose from in our Minipax, Minitrue. Miniluv and Miniplenty!


At this time Big Brother is extending an invitation to active players that will participate in the growth and development of our home. If you feel that you fit this or that you are willing to become this then you are more then welcome to accept the invite from Big Brother.


If you are interested stop by our forums and look around, if you like stop by our IRC channel and ask around our gov.

[url="http://www.edsmatrix.net/adude/"]Our Forums[/url]
IRC: #Oceania-CN on Coldfront

Minister of Peace
Officer of the Thought Police[/center][/b]

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[quote name='KahlanRahl' timestamp='1322427497' post='2853975']
For real, these guys are cool. And IRC active, which is crazy these days. If you're interested in a funny group of guys, check them out. :awesome:
YEAAA BUDDY!!!! #Oceania-cn

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