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The Dark Empire is here!


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[b][u]The Dark Empire Declaration of Existence[/u][/b]

Hello, good people of Planet Bob! We, after the great blackout of November, decided to immigrate back to Cybernations. As a group of friends, it seemed only natural to form an alliance. So without further a-due, I present to you, our charter. We may have some small nations (They made new ones after deleting before expecting PT to go somewhere :P) but we are a wonderful place! Currently protected by The Imperial Order (you will see a treaty posted below soon)

[b]Article I: Membership and rights[/b]
Any nation may join The Dark Empire by approval from a triumvirate. Triumvirates hold the right to decline any application they wish. Once a nation is accepted as a full member they have the right to freedom of speech, press, peaceful assembly, and expression. All members have the right to work in The Dark Empire, and run and or vote in elections.

[b]Article II: Government[/b]
[b]Imperial Council:[/b] The Imperial council consists of the triumvirates and all the ministers. Together by a majority vote they can create laws, declare war, declare peace, create and break treaties, expel members, and make executive decisions. In the event of a tie the vote will come down to the triumvirates side of the vote.

[b]Triumvirates:[/b] Triumvirates are the three leaders of the alliance and serve for life. They each head their own department of internal affairs, foreign affairs, or defense. Upon the impeachment or vacancy of a triumvirate position an election shall be held to determine the new triumvirate.

[b]Ministers:[/b] Ministers are each managers of their departments and are overseen by the triumvirates. They are elected every three months. In the event one is impeached or vacant the triumvirates may pick a new minister by majority vote.

-Minister of Finance: The minister of finance is in charge of all financial matters of the alliance. They work with trades, tech deals, and the creation of banking and banking programs.

-Minister of Recruitment: The minister of Recruitment handles bringing in new members for the alliance and creating programs to do so.

-Minister of Homeland Security: The Minister of Homeland security is in charge of keeping the alliance safe from rogues and gathering needed intelligence for all purposes.

[b]Article III: Military and War policy
[/b]Raiding: Nations of The Dark Empire may only attack a nation they have been given permission to attack from the Trium of Defense.

Nukes: Nukes may never be used unless an executive order allowing them is given from the triumvirates.

[b]Article IV: Impeachments and elections[/b]
Impeachments: Any minister may be impeached by a ⅔ triumvirate vote or a ⅔ general membership vote. A trium may be impeached by a 3/3 minister vote and a ⅔ general membership vote.

Elections: Elections shall take place in a 5 day period. It shall consist of 72 hours for nominations and campaigning and 48 hours of voting.

[b]Article V: Amendments[/b]
Amendments may be made to this charter by a ⅔ minister vote, ⅔ triumvirate vote and a ⅔ general membership vote or a 3/3 minister and 3/3 triumvirate vote.

Triumvirates: [/b]
Internal: Irule777
Foreign: Gandalf
Defense: Crackedmind
Homeland Security: Bill95
Finance: AridLegion
Recruitment: Parhe

Forums: http://darkempire.forumotion.com/
IRC: #TheDarkEmpire (Coldfront)

We expect diplomats! :D

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In the interest of promoting friendship and guidance and ensuring protection guidance, The Imperial Order and The Dark Empire do hereby agree to the following.

[b]Article I: Sovereignty[/b]

The signatories of this pact acknowledge the sovereignty of the other alliance, and will not willingly infringe upon their sovereignty.

[b]Article II: Non-Aggression and Friendship[/b]

Both signatories will refrain from any form of hostile activity, be it military force, internal subversion or espionage of any kind, against the other.

[b]Article III. Protection[/b]

In the event that The Dark Empire comes under attack, The Imperial Order is therefore obligated to use any means to assist The Dark Empire in any way possible.

[b]Article IV. Guidance [/b]

The Imperial Order will provide any and all assistance to The Dark Empire in order to promote growth, stability, and community.

[b]Article V. Treaties and War[/b]

Should The Dark Empire wish to sign an outside treaty or declare an offensive war, those intentions must be relayed to The Imperial Order no less than 48 hours prior to the event.

[b]Article VI. Termination[/b]

Should either signatory wish to terminate this treaty at any time, a 72 hour cancellation notice must be given, during which time the treaty is still active.

[b]Signed for The Imperial Order~[/b]
Scorponok, Imperial High Commander
-Stagger Lee, Exterior Commander
-HRH King Raymond II, Internal Commander
-Kahlan Rahl, Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs
-Dark Temptation, Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs
-Apocalypsse, Imperial Officer of Defense
-Partisan, Imperial Officer of Finance
-Empeyrus, Imperial Officer of Membership Affairs

[b]Signed for The Dark Empire~[/b]

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Nice to see this finally up. I wish I could see your flag but for some reason my internet isn't allowing it to load. :wacko:

o/ :awesome:

[quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1322110207' post='2850257']
Don;t the protectors normally post the protectorate treaty?
We were nice and let them do it. :P

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There was a former Dark Empire alliance? no we just thought the name sounded cool

Also two TIO people already posted in here i think they would have mentioned the fakeness :P

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Have fun with this, Irule. You're a great friend and I hope you've taken past experiences and learned from the good and the not so good. I wish nothing but the best for you and your alliance.

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