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An Asgaard and Basketball Ninjas Production


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[center][img] http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110204054908/cybernations/images/thumb/8/8a/Ninjaflag.gif/250px-Ninjaflag.gif[/img][img]http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100827022419/cybernations/images/thumb/b/b9/Asgaardflag2.png/250px-Asgaardflag2.png[/img]

1. Preamble

Hey, look, it's another treaty! Like the one before, but with more capital M!

2. Non-Aggression

Asgaard and the Basketball Ninjas agree not to commit any acts of aggression against the other party, including but not limited to spying, direct attacks, or threats of attack. Both parties agree to remain civil and refrain from direct actions which might undermine the spirit of this agreement.

3. Intelligence

The signatories agree to share any information pertaining to the security of the two alliances. Signatories will inform each other of any military action they plan to take, within a reasonable time frame, before such action takes place.

4. Aid

If one party finds itself requiring financial aid, they may ask the other party for assistance. The other signatory is strongly encouraged to assist, but retains the option to decline or fulfill the request to a lesser extent than was requested.

5. Mutual Defense

In the event of a direct attack upon one party, the other party is bound by this document to provide military assistance.

6. Optional Aggression

Should one party choose to enter a conflict in an aggressive fashion, the other is encouraged, but not required, to provide assistance if requested.

7. Chaining

This treaty is to be considered non-chaining; in the event of an attack resulting from a larger conflict rather than a direct action against a signatory, invocation of this treaty reverts to optional.

8. Asshattery

If either signatory commits an act of espionage, attack or other malicious action upon a third party that directly leads to a declaration of war upon that signatory, the other signatory's obligation of support shall be considered void. However the attacked signatory may still request assistance, and the other signatory may still support the attacked signatory at their discretion.

9. Cancellation

Either party may cancel this agreement with 72 hours -- 3 days -- notice. The cancellation period may be waived with the agreement of both parties.

For the Basketball Ninjas:

Jack Shepard, President of Basketball Operations
Front Office - BN Ministry

[img] http://abri.une.edu.au/armidaleathletics/arm/BNSeal.gif[/img]

For Asgaard:

The Aesir,
Lonewolfe2015, Tyr of Asgaard
Gambona, Loki of Asgaard
Mustakakrish II, Magni of Asgaard
Commander Thrawn, Heimdall of Asgaard

The Vanir:
Cheshire Cat

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[quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1322100984' post='2850162']
Where is the review on xmas day clause?

We're going to review it every five days, by way of a die roll. Each number represents a different path; a one, we cancel. A two, we merge. The other possibilities are too terrifying even to mention.

Glad this is done; it's been essentially an MDoAP in all but name for an eternity, and now it's official.

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