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End Game


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December 21st, 2012, in Swiss Confederation, in the Alps:

[i]"All communications to and from Empire of Cochin, United Federation of East, Rebel Army and People's Republic of Africa have been lost due to the recent nuclear warfare. North America appears to be conquered by a mind-controlling disease and reports of the infection have appeared in Greenland, Ireland and Norway-Denmark. We maybe looking at an end of the wor-"[/i]

The TV and all of the lights in the shed blinked off, shortly followed by the sound of distant explosions. The last of the electrical grid in the country was pulverized from the relentless carpet bombing runs. Last week, the news report warned that Guyana, a country heavily punished with an overdose of weather warfare and carpet bombing, had weaponized a 100km diameter asteroid in the Asteroid Belt and few dozen of much smaller asteroids elsewhere and sent them flying at Planet Bob. It would take about a few months for them to reach the surface, two years for the giant one.

David Reed stepped outside of his shed, looking out at the the rocky and grassy landscape as he lit a cigar. He knew the Russian Ground Forces would be here within hours.

It wouldn't matter if Nazi Russia conquered most of Europe and not creak to a halt due to lack of fuel. The entire world was screwed anyways.

March 15th, 2002:

The global population was nearing 9.6 billion. All of the tapped fossil fuel deposits were nearing depletion, and undiscovered ones were getting significantly harder to find and tap by the day. At the current increasing rate of fuel consumption and discovery of new deposits, it would take a little less than two decades before the entire world grinds to a halt. Green technology was unable to keep up with the energy demands. Almost all of the tropical and deciduous forests in the world were cleared primarily to make room for more farmland to feed the hungry planet, coniferous forests were in danger of being driven to extinction as well.

With the rapid increase in population growth, consumption of fuel and deforestation, it was a small surprise that the massive amount of greenhouse gas would cause some climate changes, major changes.

Coral reefs and kelp forests became officially extinct only a few weeks ago from the onslaught of pollution, overfishing, destruction from ships and the increasing pH of the ocean water caused by higher concentration of CO2. Speaking of overfishing, all commercially harvested wild fish species were threatened, endangered, or extinct.

Less than 50% of clean water supply remain due to a combination of extensive pollution, over-usage and rapidly changing climate. Snow-capped mountains that provided major cities with water were losing their snow at a rapid pace.

Desertification was accelerating fast; Africa, South America and North America were in danger of losing hundreds of thousands of acres of grazing and farmland.

By the time the majority of the countries recognized they had a problem, it was too late to undo the damage.

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Midwest Republic, Wisconsin, outskirts of Milwaukee:

"What do you mean you're out of gas?" Webb Gran demanded as he waved his gas ration card angrily. It wasn't a pleasant day as the temperature outside hovered around 95 Fahrenheit. Oh, and the air conditioning wasn't running due to electricity shortages.

"Look pal, I can't help it that no gas shipments arrived for the past three weeks." the gas station owner replied as he unfolded a sign that read, [i]"Sorry, no gas."[/i]

"God dammit, I'm going to have to push my car four blocks and pray that they don't run out of gas as well." Webb grumbled as he stormed out of the store and onto the pavement, crowded by other cars and customers as well. He noticed that most of them were looking to the right and he turned to see what they were seeing.

Walmart, three blocks away.

Encircled by riot control police officers.

Besieged by angry, hungry rioters.

Illinois, a farm, a few miles east of the Mississippi River:

"If this drought keeps up, we're not going to bring in any crops and the darn bank is going to foreclose us. Just like the past two years." Joe Tombs noted.

"Any luck with the irrigation?" Quince Adams asked.

"Nope, the darn government is giving us the finger and told us to sit tight."

"You can't blame them for taking heat from the bone-headed Gulf Federation and Dixie Confederacy, both of them want Mississippi's water as well. Besides, it's flowing so little that I'm fairly sure the mouth of the river is dry."

"I will blame them for not having the will to stand up to those darn idiots!"

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[i]"Yesterday, Slavorussia, Sernessima Republika Vauleya, and United Socialist Republic of Siberia have agreed to be united as Russia. However, it's worth noting that new government consist of primarily Nazis members...[/i]


[i]Swiss Confederation, Greece and Spain declared independence from Athenian Federation last week. AF responded by declaring war, warning that they will not tolerate any rebellions.[/i]


[i]Kingdom of Cochin, Rebel Army and United Federation of East announced they will colonize significant large amount of Antarctica. International protests are small as other countries, such as Australia, Arctica, Grassy Plains, and Aeon also announced to do the same thing[/i]


[i]Greenland and New Portugal announced they will not export anymore oil. Pravus Ingruo and Midwest Republic issued an ultimatum, demanding that both countries are to continue exporting oil, 24 hours by PI and 96 hours by MR. It's highly unlikely that war will be avoided.[/i]

Webb Gran turned off the TV, simply unable to handle the flow of bad news. As he went to the refrigeration to prepare his dinner, the power went out.

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