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Change of Guard

Sir Keshav IV

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[/center][center][b]Announcement by the Sovereign Prince of Monaco-Valencia[/b][/center][center][b]
[/b][/center][left]Citizens of Monaco-Valencia and esteemed leaders, it is time for me to announce my abdication as the Sovereign Prince of Monaco-Valencia. It was almost two decades ago when my coronation was held in Grimaldi palace as the Sovereign Prince of Monaco. Two decades ago Monaco-Valencia did not exist and Monaco was a province of some foreign government or the other. Thirteen years ago Monaco declared independence from Atlantis and since then I have lead the Monegasque people from a small city-state to a cross-continental empire of sorts with controlling more than half the Iberian Peninsula and islands in the Caribbean and at a time a port in East Africa. We have come a long way. At one point of time we were nothing more than a small nation hoping to seek peace in the Mediterranean signing treaties with Valencia and Athens and joining the Mediterranean Union. I am glad to say we've come a long way, today we are a boiling pot of various cultues, be it Spanish, Basque, Monegasque, French, Caribbean we have definitely left a long lasting legacy in these regions growing at unbelievable rates year after year to be one of the most advanced nation this world has seen. We have come far and we haven't done this alone. Athens our longest and dearest allies have helped us along the way fighting a war with Nod, being nuked by Korea, Athens even went to the extent of paying off our debts. They are our brothers as we are theirs. Yet the time has come for me to step down. Two decades as being the head of House Grimaldi and thirteen years leading this serene nation has taken it's toll. House Grimaldi shall continue leading this nation with my son, Prince Alexandre who shall become the next Sovereign Prince of Monaco and the next head of the House as my esteemed sister has agreed its time for new blood to rejuvenate the House and the nation and to make this nation stronger. I have succeeded with Deo Juvante and my son shall too. [/left][left]
[/left][left]Deo Juvante he shall be a greater Sovereign Prince than me, I ask this nation to stand with him the way it has stood by my side during the good times and the bad. We reaffirm all our commitments at this point of time and shall continue through this war with Alexandre as the leader. I shall continue to serve the nation in any position my leader sees fit.[/left][left]
[/left][left]Deo Juvante,[/left][left]
[/left][left]-His Serene Highness, Prince Emeritus of Monaco-Valencia, Albert II [/left]

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