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A Final Ronin Announcement


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This may come as a sudden shock to some of you but it is something that has been brewing for a long time. It is a sad day when any alliance decides that their course has been run. Today is that day for Ronin. We have had a good second run but it is time to end it. We are just wasting space and I hate wasting space. I would like to thank our allies in Deinos, The Last Remnants, Open Source Alliance and the treaty that was to be announced soon Gremlins. You guys have been awesome to work with.

I am not one for long winded speeches so lets get down to the nitty gritty:

The NAAC AA (National Alliance of Arctic Countries) protection will be transfered to The Last Remnants and Deinos who will jointly protect the AA. There is no expiration on this protection unless otherwise stated.

The Ronin AA will be protected by The Last Remnants, Deinos, Open Source Alliance and Gremlins until otherwise specified by each individual alliance.

Our alliance private channel will remain intact to all current and former alliance members who would like to use it for social functions. Our forums will remain up until the domain expires in a year.

O'Samurai United will continue to compete in any and all sanctioned DFA events.

Myself, Hisk, Nitemare and Elorian maintain intellectual rights on the Ronin name and imagery. IE: If any of us wants to reform the alliance at a further date they have the right to the name.

Thank you all for the good times and thank you all for the bad times. I would like to think we made a difference to someone somewhere but I am realistic in how the world works.

Syonara Planet Bob.

Emperor of Ronin

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Unfortunate. I really liked you guys. You always stood by your principles whether we were on the same side of a war or (mostly) on opposite sides. It won't be the same without CN's best samurai's around... Good night sweet prince, and good luck in finding new homes. Any alliance would be fortunate to have your former members.

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This is an announcement that I've been dreading. One of the first decisions made by Gondor was that we wanted to become closer to Ronin as they were a very respectable alliance. As we got to know them better, we also learned that they were very fun and likable people. Furthermore, AirMe is a hockey fan! It was a natural fit.

Ronin were the best allies any of us could ask for. Good luck wherever you go, guys. :(

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[quote name='Leet Guy' timestamp='1322064443' post='2849741']
The samurai in your signature walking away with his head hung low in defeat is so perfectly fitting.

As fitting as it is, the only thing we were defeated by was time and inactivity.

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Ronin has always been respectable as long as I can recall. Sad to see yet another alliance succumbing to inactivity but it happens. Good luck to wherever you and your former members end up. Ronin has had a good run.

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