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Suomen Kansallisooppera vaalit

Markus Wilding


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OOC: Quick translation:
Kapitalistinen liigan = Capitalist's League
Suomen henkisen puolue = Finnish Intellectual Party
vapauspuolue = Freedom Party
Suomen militaristinen puolue = Finnish Militarist Party
Suomen marxilainen puolue = Finnish Marxist Party
Suomen kommunistinen puolue = Finnish Communist Party

Oh yeah, i guess you can ask the candidates questions and crap if you really want to


After a period of restructuring, Finland has at last allowed free elections to take place. Current Party Boss Sari Paatelainen today said she expected full support from the people of Finland as the elections begin. Polls have been manned by soldiers to ensure no radicals from any party hinder in the elective process.

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Finnish election officials have counted and recounted to ensure that there have been no faults in the voting, yet a stalemate continues between candidates Kaiju Sillanpää of the Suomen marxilainen puolue, Keke Pölönen of the Suomen militaristinen puolue and Leevi Kantee of the vapauspuolue. Unless citizens can cast more votes to give one candidate a lead, there will have to be a second series of elections including only these candidates to determine who the Party Boss will be.

Parliament elections, however, will be concluded at the end of the day, with the Suomen militaristinen and vapaus parties gaining majority.

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