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From walesland Cyber nations original edition
Please can any wealthy nations provide me with aid to help me develop my schools and health care I missed the original messages as I was unaware of whet it was
It will be benefical to you in the long run with my support in defence of your nation

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Hello. Welcome to the planet :)

First of all, small nations cannot help protect large nations because you can only go to war with nations that are of similar size.

But if you really want to repay the nation that aids you, you can do what is known as a "tech deal" ... the more technology a nation has, the more expensive it is for a nation to buy, so large nations send small nations money and the small nations can buy technology cheap and then send it to the large nation. This process can earn you millions (1.68million - 2.14 million depending on your attention to detail) and I highly recommend it.

Your alliance will love to help you out, I'm sure. But you should change your alliance affiliation to "GATO Applicant" until you are accepted, and follow the directions [url=http://gatoforums.net/index.php?showforum=507]here[/url].

I wish your nation the best of luck in the development of schools and a healthcare system.

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Raiders in 5...4...3...

Looks like the nations protected.

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