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You Want to Join The German Empire


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[font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"][i]On a cool evening in the winter of 2011, February actually, Prince Albert lowered the flag of The German Empire, believing it to be the end of an era, and it was. On July 15, 2011, basking in a warm rays of sun, The German Empire's flag was raised, where it waves to the Cyberverse. This is The German Empire. This is your Empire.[/i]

[/size][/font][center][font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"][img]http://images.tgecn.com/Graphics/officialannouncement.png[/img]

[/size][/font][left][font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"][u][i]Some selected snippets from our Constitution[/i][/u]
[/size][/font][/left][/center][font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"]
[b]Article 1a: Proclamation of Existence [/b]
The German Empire, founded on the principles of monarchy, national unity and order, hereby sets forth these beliefs in the form of this Constitution. It is the duty of the people of the German Empire to maintain and protect the Constitution, although we recognize that it may be necessary to modify it from time to time and after due consideration, in order to maintain it as a living reflection of the life and needs of the Empire. The German Empire is a constitutional monarchy.

[b]Article 2: Imperial Citizenship[/b]
Any sovereign state wishing to join the German Empire must fulfill certain requirements to determine eligibility for entry into the German Empire. These requirements may include, but are not limited to, a general reference and background check, enumeration of previous alliances, and an overall assessment of maturity, dedication and loyalty. Once the sovereign state becomes a citizen of the German Empire, such a citizen may not join or apply to join any other alliance, unless that citizen officially resigns from the German Empire.

[b]Article 4a: The German Regent[/b]
The Regent is the Head of State of The German Empire, and is responsible for directing the Imperial German Government in accordance with the Laws and Customs of The German Empire. The Regent, being a member of the Empire with a nation residing on an official alliance affiliation of the Empire, serves for life, or until he abdicates the Imperial Crown or leaves the game. In all affairs involving The German Empire, the Regent holds the final authority.

[b]Article 8a: Military Service[/b]
Every German citizen is subject to military duty, and in the discharge of this duty no substitute can be accepted. The total land force of the German Empire shall form one Army, which, in war and in peace, shall be under the ultimate command of the German Regent.

[b]Article 9b: Ghost Status[/b]
Ghost status is defined as a person wearing an alliance affiliation that belongs to the Empire who does not have an account registered on the official forums. In circumstances where forums are changed, a period of thirty days leniency will be extended before ghost status is awarded.

[b]Article 11a: Raids against the Empire[/b]
The German Empire neither has time nor consideration to inquire to a host alliance when an Imperial Citizen is raided. In this instance, the full force of the German Military will be dispatched to deal with the threat.

[/size][/font][font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"][i][u]and some Snippets from our Citizens Code[/u][/i][/size][/font][font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"]

[b]Article 2: Tech Raiding[/b]
The German Empire does neither endorse nor condone the practice of Tech Raiding by its citizenry. However, understanding that the practice is deeply rooted in the beliefs of some of our members, the Empire does not forbid the action. [...]

[b]Article 3b: Alliance Tech Dealing Rate[/b]
The German Empire's Alliance Accepted Tech Dealing Rate (ATD Rate) is defined as three million (3,000,000) currency for one hundred (100) technology. In short: 3m/100t. It is the prerogative of the dealers to negotiate their own price, however. [...]

[/size][/font][center][font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"][img]http://images.tgecn.com/HRE%20Adler/rs%20200.png[/img]
[/size][/font][/center][font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"]
We are The German Empire, a strong team of Citizens, bound together by our common enjoyment of Germanic Culture. When our alliance was re-founded in July by President Orff, Wilhelm I, and Wilhelm von Berlin, we were in uncertain waters. We had Nordreich, our former adversary, to help us, but we still didn't know if we'd make it. Now, we know. We are here to stay. When you hear the horror stories, when you have the nightmares, know and remember, that was the old Empire, and upon our flag shines a bright light, our Future.

We welcome new members! If you're interested in coming home, register on our forums at [url="http://www.tgecn.com"]www.TGECN.com[/url]
We can be found on Internet Chat Relay (IRC) in our Public Channel, [b]#TGECN[/b]
We respectfully ask that all acronym references of our Empire be TGECN and not simply TGE. Yes, it's redundant, but it goes with our branding, and it is a definitive line between the old and the new. What destroyed us, and what makes us strong.

[color="#FF0000"][b]BIG PLUS! [/b][/color]Forums usage is not mandatory for nations above 2,999.99 infrastructure. If you will not be partaking in our forums, contact the Regent so that he can create a dummy account for you on our Forums so that you meet the qualifications for Imperial Citizenship.

[/size][/font][center][font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"][img]http://images.tgecn.com/HRE%20Adler/rs%20200.png[/img]
[/size][/font][/center][font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"]Forums: [url="http://www.tgecn.com"]http://www.tgecn.com[/url]
Wikia: [url="http://link.tgecn.com/wikia"]http://link.tgecn.com/wikia[/url]

Public IRC: #TGECN on Coldfront

Constitution: [url="http://link.tgecn.com/charter"]http://link.tgecn.com/charter[/url]
Citizens Code: [url="http://link.tgecn.com/citizenscode"]http://link.tgecn.com/citizenscode[/url]
Government: [url="http://link.tgecn.com/gov"]http://link.tgecn.com/gov[/url]

and for your ease of use; OWFNews: [url="http://link.tgecn.com/owfnews"]http://link.tgecn.com/owfnews[/url][/size][/font]

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[quote name='Silent Blood Line' timestamp='1321856046' post='2847905']
You shall have my sword.

I would much rather have your membership, but since you run your own alliance, that's not possible, so I'll settle for friendship, which I already have.

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When the Leader has time to tackle pet projects, you know he has an amazing government working with him. We are a shining example of that. I have the luxury of being able to take care of not just the [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/OWFNews"]OWFNews[/url] but now also the [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Alliance_forums_and_IRC_list"]Alliance forums and IRC list[/url]. That my friends is what an amazing Leadership Team looks like. They take care of the work so I can actually do some work for the betterment of the greater community!

When The German Empire benefits, we all benefit!

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[quote name='Heinrich Schuster' timestamp='1323105766' post='2863756']
If anyone wants a German themed alliance I would recommend NOT joining this one, its only German in its name and nothing else. Pretenders.

And this looks like you are still butthurt over me not handing you our finances, then our military, and then our FA. Really, since you could not follow the simple instructions you, as a staff member were given, you quit. Please get over yourself, leave us in peace. Don't you think you have caused the Empire's name enough damage already?

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[quote name='Heinrich Schuster' timestamp='1323128957' post='2864569']
Pretenders Galore, nothing but a remnant of what it should be, truly not worth joining if you want to a German alliance, however, if you being micromanaged and a leader that wants to control how you think, then go for it. :rolleyes:

If nothing else, your malcontent has kept us near the top of the listing without requiring a bump for justice. For that I do appreciate.

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