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Ksar es Seghir


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The small seaside town was almost totally deserted. Most of the population had left long ago, unable to take the hardship of living in a wild, unorganized land. Those few who had remained, those who had weathered years of hardship, had been served with eviction notices by Tangier. A week later heavily armed men in Sabah Group uniforms arrived and completed the process of relocating the people to a new development that was being built in Rabat.

With the people out of the way, construction crews swarmed the small ghost-town. The now empty and crumbling houses were torn down, the same with the small church, the town hall and the two room school-house. All had to be removed to make way for a shining example of Tangier's glittering future.

The seawall would be extended and repaired to make way for an expanded port that would be dredged to allow small container ships to make entry. A new grid of streets would be built, with apartments, stores and shops built to accommodate a permanent population of 2000 employees and support staff with room to hold up to 4000 more. In the center of the new compound would be the Headquarters building of the Sabah Group. A glittering 35 floor work of steel, marble and glass rising out of the earth while stretching six floors below.

The plans also called for a sloped concrete perimeter wall to be constructed around the compound, allowing enough room for future growth.

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