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Buying Tech - 4.5mil/100

Jeb the Wise

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[center][size="6"][color="#FF0000"]I am looking for one reliable and active tech dealer.[/color][/size]


Two deals of 3mil/100tech. If the seller sends all four shipments of 50 tech on time an additional 3mil will be sent to the seller. (Hence a 4.5mil/100 tech deal)
If you are interested, please post or pm me at least two Tech Buyers that can give you good references. If all checks out, 3mil will be sent your way immediately.
[color="#C0C0C0"]Remember, in order to get the bonus you must send all four shipments on time.
I will allow a gimme for one day late on one of the four shipments, anything more could result in the loss of the bonus.
Also, as the aid is sent, I don't mind waiting for a tech re-buy due to multiple tech deals, so long as it becomes available within 3 business days.
I cannot do business with any nation at war or whose Alliance is at war.
Offer cannot be combined with other offers and specials.
Offer Void where prohibited by law.[/color][/size]

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