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Confederatio Aesir


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The Queens Standard

[center][b]Confederatio Aesir Motto:[/b] [i]En fœr alla oç alla fœr en.[/i] (One for all and all for one.)
[b]Team Color:[/b] Multi-Colored
[b]Founder(s):[/b] Sigrun Vapneir
[b]Founded:[/b] 28 October 2010
[b]IRC:[/b] #CA
[b]Forum:[/b] [url="http://kerberosnexus.com/ca/index.php"]Link[/url]

Some benefits of joining[/b]

Learn how to quickly optimize your growth through back collecting taxes or tech deals at $3m for 50 tech or $4.5m for 100 tech if both have FAC.

Learn the best military wonders you need to buy to best optimize your nation for eventual use on the battlefield, as well as battle tactics which can be eventually put to use when in an alliance who isn't afraid of a war and considers itself to have an ODP with the world. We are an alliance of warriors who enjoy war and we don't consider it necessary to hold a treaty with an alliance to come to the defense of another under attack. Entering the war to assist someone who is under attack and needs help is the righteous thing to do, the notion that alliances need to look over their treaties to see if they'll ever being able to get involved in a war is ridiculous. If you see an injustice being committed to someone, you can step in the stop it from occuring further without needing a prior relationship to the one you see being treated unjustly.

Receive assistance if under attack or needing any war aid, the alliance will come to your assistance. Tech raided by someone and feel like fighting back? While many alliances would remove you for fighting back against an attack, we will help you fight back as if the tech raid was an attack on us all.


The form of government is a Monarchic Confederacy. The head of state or sovereign reigns for life with authority to represent the Confederacy before the outside world, but the powers of the office are not absolute, and each member nation remains autonomous in internal affairs.

The Reigning Sovereign has the power to create and dissolve governments as needed, or simply to exercise governmental authority herself. Other government positions may be and have been created or dissolved in response to the changing needs of the alliance.

Sigrun Vapneir is our Queen, who's rule is brave and righteous. When we go to war we enter into it on her command, regardless of the reasons for the order. Only those who will look forward to entering into war fearlessly regardless of enemy odds when the time arrives for her to give the order should apply.

[b]Applying for Membership[/b]

Applicants should contact the Queen directly, on the CN Forums by private message, or on IRC in #CA.

Here is her nation link: [url=http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=88152]Nation[/url]

If someone has questions I might be able to answer them, although the Queen's command holds higher power than anyone else in the alliance.

We don't have any really specific requirements of members, just a willingness learn and fight if needed.[/center]

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